“Bridge To A Satisfying Life”


In this inspiring lesson from the “Discover Bible Study Guide” series, you will find out more about the love of Jesus through scriptures and stories. Jesus came to give you a satisfying life here and to prepare a place for you in His Kingdom of Heaven. If you are hungry for a better understanding of the Good King’s grace, click below to start the lesson.



“Controlling Your Emotions”, John Bradshaw

Everyone has moments when their emotions get the better of them. Even those who serve Jesus Christ as His Lightbearers are not immune to being emotionally disturbed. But it is possible for us to control our emotions instead of having our emotions control us. Watch this video to see how you can experience a life where you can have peace and joy in Jesus.

“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Seventeen

Much Cruel sat on his stone throne. He had been sitting on it for hours that his muscles were aching. He was thinking deeply about the miracles that he had witnessed in the arena. He had never seen such power displayed for those who believed in the Good King. What if he and his people were wrong about the invisible God? The miracles seemed to prove that He existed and that He cared deeply for those who followed Him. But the chief didn’t want to believe in the Good King. For centuries the Natives of Doubt had lived for their gods and the tribe gained many victories through the power of the gods (or so he thought). He tried to forget about the tigers that wouldn’t eat the teenage girl, and how the gladiator fight between the little man and one of his best warriors was stopped abruptly. The Holy Spirit kept on reminding him of those instances to convince him of the truth, but he was stubborn as a wild donkey. There was no way he was going to accept that the Good King was the One and Only God.

He heard footsteps and lifted his head to see his wife enter. She was very happy and joy was shining through her eyes. Much Cruel wondered what happened. “Why are so happy? I have never seen you this joyous before?” he asked her.

The queen came up to him. “Dear husband, I have accepted the Lightbearers’ Good King as my Lord and Saviour. I believe that He is the One and Only God. All the gods that we have worshiped and pledged our allegiance to are not real. The God of Heaven is real. We must tell our people and…”

Much Cruel angrily arose from his throne and slapped the queen’s face. “You are a stupid woman! You’re going to throw away what has been handed down to us for the Lightbearers’ God?”

“But husband…”

“If you want to join them then go ahead! Leave my sight! You are no longer my queen!”

The queen hurried out of the throne room with tears in her eyes.

Much Cruel sat back down and repeated to himself. “I will not accept the Good King. I will not accept the Good King.”


The queen went outside and cried. The feeling of his rough hand across her face and his cutting words was hurting her heart. She wondered how she could have pledged her life to a man that was so cruel and heartless. She saw the Small Faith People working their hardest to do their tasks with the slave masters showing both verbal and physical abuse toward them. But the slaves were no longer moaning and crying. They were showing happiness because they believed that their day of freedom was very close. They were even singing songs about the love of the Good King and being free. She hoped that they would be free one day. Seeing them having to bear such heavy burdens was now making her very sad.

“Your majesty, what’s wrong?”

She recognized the voice and turned her head. “Sally?”

The little woman went up to the queen. She heard that she had become a Believer in the Good King and she was no longer afraid of her. The queen wiped her tears and looked at her. When she saw how genuinely concerned Sally was for her, she began to feel guilty for the time she had mistreated her. She hugged the little woman and said in a broken voice:

“I’m so sorry for beating you. Can you ever forgive me for being so cruel?”

Sally smiled compassionately at her. “Your majesty, I have already forgiven you. What you have done is forgotten.”

The queen hugged her tightly. “Thank you, Sally.”

Sally asked again what was wrong and the queen told her what happened between her and Much Cruel. Sally listened to her story in sadness. She assured the queen that everything would work out for good. She also added that the Good King would not give up on her husband. He would do all He could to save him from the evil that held him.

These kind words made the queen feel hopeful. She thanked Sally for her understanding. Sally pointed up to the sky and said, “Thank the Good King, for what I have said came from Him.” The queen did. Then she asked Sally if she could walk with her and teach her some of the songs that she had heard the Small Faith People sing. So Sally taught her the songs that were given to them by the Holy Spirit.

To Be Continued






The Wise Builder And The Foolish Builder

Hi kids! In the Holy Word the Good King told a story about two men who were building houses. One built his house on a rock and one decided to take the easy way by building his house on the sand. Which house do you think will stand?

By spending time with the Good King in prayer, reading the Bible, and obeying what He says, you will be strong when troubles come. Build your house on Jesus, who is the Rock that can never be moved.

Do you want to read the story of the wise builder and the foolish builder? You can find it in Matthew 7:24-27 in your Bible.


“A Blind Man’s Plea”


Today’s Reading: Luke 18:35-43

Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! Luke 18:38

Some years ago a traveling companion noticed I was straining to see objects at a distance. What he did next was simple but life changing. He took off his glasses and said, “Try these.” When I put his glasses on, surprisingly my blurred vision cleared up. Eventually I went to an optometrist who prescribed glasses to correct my vision problem.

Today’s reading in Luke 18 features a man with no vision at all, and living in total darkness had forced him to beg for a living. News about Jesus, the popular teacher and miracle worker, had reached the blind beggar’s ears. So when Jesus’ travel route took Him by where the blind man was sitting, hope was ignited in his heart. “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” (v. 38) he called. Though without sight physically, the man possessed spiritual insight into Jesus’ true identity and faith in Him to meet his need. Compelled by this faith, “He shouted all the more, ‘Son of David, have mercy on me!” (v. 39). The result? His blindness was banished, and he went from begging for his living to blessing God because he could see (v. 43).

In moments of seasons of darkness, where do you turn? Upon what or to whom do you call? Eyeglass prescriptions help improved vision, but it’s the merciful touch of Jesus, God’s Son, that brings people from spiritual darkness to light.

—Arthur Jackson

Father, open the eyes of my heart to clearly see who Jesus is and what He can do.

The Father’s delight is to give sight to those who ask Him.

From “Our Daily Bread”, June 5, 2018.

Scriptures are from the New International Version (NIV).


Picture is from Google Images.