“Bridge To A Satisfying Life”


In this inspiring lesson from the “Discover Bible Study Guide” series, you will find out more about the love of Jesus through scriptures and stories. Jesus came to give you a satisfying life here and to prepare a place for you in His Kingdom of Heaven. If you are hungry for a better understanding of the Good King’s grace, click below to start the lesson.


“Eddy’s Test Of Faith” Part One

In “Faith VS Doubt” Karen and Eddy journeyed to the Mountains of Trouble to free the Small Faith People from the Natives of Doubt. Their mission becomes extremely dangerous when the Master of Darkness uses Chief Much Cruel to capture and condemn the two Lightbearers to death in the arena. But the Good King intervenes for them which causes a young warrior to regain his faith and the queen of the Natives of Doubt to believe in the Good King. But tragedy soon strikes when Karen suddenly becomes very sick and dies of the mysterious illness. Eddy now must fulfill the mission without his strong friend by his side. His faith will surely be put to the test. But he will not be alone.


Eddy was in the cave crying. He didn’t want to believe that Karen was no longer going to be with him. They had grown so close during their adventures together. How could it be the Good King’s will for them to be separated permanently? He still needed her. She had helped him to be strong in his faith and he hoped that she would continue to be by his side until his faith had fully grown. But it didn’t happen that way. Karen was gone and he was going to have to get his people out of this horrible place without her. How can a little man do such a big thing all by himself? Thinking of the challenges that were before him made him cry harder.

Billy and Sally quietly entered the cave. The queen had told them what happened and made it possible for them to see their fellow Small Faith Person without getting into trouble with the slave masters and the chief. They saw Eddy crying and heard him saying, “Why Master? Why her? Why?” Billy placed his hand on his shoulder causing Eddy look up at him. “Billy?” he asked sniffling.

Billy had tears in his eyes too. “Eddy, I know this is hard. We feel bad too. Karen was such a good friend to us. We will miss her greatly. She and you helped us to regain our faith in the Good King. We are so grateful for that.”

Eddy wiped the tears that were still streaming down his face. “We were sent here to free you from the Natives of Doubt. Now I must do it alone and I’m scared. I feel so weak without her.”

Billy patted his back gently. “You’re not alone Eddy. The Good King is still with you. He will help you just like He did before. If you believe with all of your heart He will use you in a mighty way to save us from our enemies. Sally and I will help you in this mission, and I’m sure others will too before the mission is done.”

Eddy wiped more tears from his eyes and gave a small smile. He knew that now more than ever he had to be strong in his faith. Karen would have wanted that. Perhaps his times with her was meant to prepare him for this moment. Though his heart was breaking he made the decision that he was not going to let the lessons Karen taught him be in vain. With fresh determination he got up and said to Billy and Sally:

“Let’s pray together so that we may know what His Majesty wants us to do now.”

Then the three of them joined hands and prayed in the cave.


To Be Continued




“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Nineteen

The doctor monitored Karen. She was becoming weaker and when he tried talking to her the poor teenage girl couldn’t answer back. He gave her some water and Karen coughed and sputtered. Then she drifted off to sleep. Karen dreamed about Eddy and the Small Faith People. She saw them freed from the Natives of Doubt and rebuilding their home. It was such a happy picture. Then she saw Eddy all by himself in his house crying. She heard him questioning the Good King on why He allowed him to be alone in his life. She then saw him neglecting to pray and read the Holy Word. He became so miserable that his people didn’t want him around them. So Eddy left Small Faith and went to live in Carnal City where he spent his time in worldly amusements. Karen then heard the voice of the Master of Darkness. “Edward Matthews is finally mine! He has so turned away from the Most High that nothing can save him from my grip. Hahahahahaha!”

Karen tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come out. After much struggling she managed to say weakly:

“Eddy don’t! Please keep holding on! The Good King will help you!”

The doctor heard her. He quickly went to her and checked her pulse. It was still faint. Karen kept on talking in her sleep.

“Eddy be strong! The Good King has a plan for you!”

Though the words were a faint whisper the doctor heard her. This “Eddy” would have to see her before it was too late. He quickly called for his assistants. When they showed up the doctor told one of them to go and fetch the queen immediately.

Soon the queen ran into the room. “What is it doctor?” she asked breathing hard.

“She is calling out to a fellow named Eddy, your majesty. Do you know where he could be?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, I know where he is,” said the queen.

“Bring him here quickly. According to my readings Karen doesn’t have much time and she may be able to speak to him.” The queen hastened out of the room.


Eddy was in the cave hiding and praying for Karen. It had been two days and he hadn’t heard anything about her. Eddy begged intensely for the Good King to heal her of the pain that she was going through. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. What could he do without her and her encouraging words? He was so concentrated on his prayer that he didn’t hear the queen enter the cave.

“Eddy,” she called gently.

The little man heard her and opened his eyes. “How’s she doing, your majesty?” he asked.

The queen looked at him with sadness. “You must see her now. Be strong in the Good King, Eddy.”

Eddy sniffed and wiped his eyes as he followed the queen out of the cave. He saw another cave up ahead and asked the queen, “is that where Karen is, your majesty?”

“It is, and we must see her quickly, Eddy.”

When they got inside the cave the doctor ran to greet them. He shook the little man’s hand and said, “you must be Eddy. Come this way.” He then showed him a room and there laying on a stone bed with a heavy blanket on her was Karen. The doctor and the queen stood back as Eddy went up to her. Karen’s once rosey face was now pale. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were glazed.

Eddy swallowed hard. “Karen?” he managed to say.

Karen turned her head and tried to smile amid the pain. “Hi Eddy, I’m happy to see you.” Her voice didn’t sound so weak this time and she was able to speak with little difficulty.

Eddy’s eyes glistened. “Karen…I…” He then threw himself on her and hugged her tightly. “I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE!” he then sobbed into the blanket. “What will I do without you? You have been very good to me during our adventures. Please don’t die, Karen!”

Karen gently stroked Eddy’s blond hair. “Eddy, it will be okay. I know you will be fine because you have the Good King in your heart. And you have grown on our adventures. You’re becoming a courageous Small Faith Person.”

“I don’t know,” said Eddy. “I’m not completely free of my fears yet. I still have a long way to go.”

“But you are getting there, brother. You are becoming the kind of person that the Good King wants you to be. And He is going to use you to free your people from the Natives of Doubt. You will lead in the rebuilding of Small Faith. Then you will teach your people how to be Lightbearers so that they can go out and share the Good King’s Truth with those in the darkness of this world.”

Eddy chuckled through his tears. “I’m not worthy for that, Karen.”

“None of us are worthy of the callings that His Majesty gives us. I wasn’t worthy to be His Lightbearer but He used me to lead others to Him and to His eternal Truth. Believe in Him and surrender yourself to His will for your life.” Karen said as she started to cough.

Eddy held her hand gently. “I will never forget you, sister. I will tell everyone about you and the difference that you have made in the lives of people. I will tell of our adventures and how the Good King led us through them.”

Karen smiled. “I love you, Eddy. We will be together again at the Good King’s Second Coming.” She then closed her eyes and whispered, “my work is done. Thank you, Your Majesty for using me.” Then she breathed her last.

“Karen! No!” Eddy shouted as he shook her, hoping that maybe she’d wake up one last time. There was no response. Eddy ran out of the cave. The queen called after him but he didn’t listen. He didn’t care if he was spotted by the Natives of Doubt. His best friend was gone. GONE! He had to get out of there! He ran back to the cave where he and Karen were hiding. He collapsed on the stone floor and cried his heart out.

To Be Continued

Author’s Note: Wow! What a twist! Karen The Lightbearer has died. What will happen to poor Eddy now? Will he be able to live out the calling that the Good King gave him? What will happen to the Small Faith People? Find out next time.














“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Eighteen

The queen freed Karen and Eddy from their cells. She knew that such an act would greatly anger Much Cruel, but she wasn’t afraid of him. He no longer wanted anything to do with her so she decided to join the Lightbearers and the Small Faith People. To keep Karen and Eddy safe from Much Cruel and his guards the queen showed them a secret passageway under the cave. She told them that she had discovered it long ago when she wanted to be away from her husband during his times of ranting and raving. It was her peaceful hideaway and she had occasionally gone there to read or to gather her thoughts. No one else, including the chief, knew about this place so the two Lightbearers should be safe from being recaptured. They walked down the tunnel until they came to a room. The queen placed her torch on a stand and said: “It isn’t much but I hope that you will be comfortable here.”

Karen looked around. There was a rug on the stone floor, a soft red chair, and a table with a vase of flowers. “This is very nice, your majesty,” she said as she sniffed the flowers.

Eddy nodded. “Yes, very nice indeed.”

The queen was pleased that her new friends liked the room. She then realized that Karen and Eddy didn’t have anything to sleep on. “Oh, dear! I knew I forgot something! Tonight I’ll go to the bedroom and get some blankets and pillows. I certainly will not have you two sleep on the hard stone floor.” she said to them.

“You’re very kind,” said Eddy.


The chief was still fuming about his wife’s decision to be a believer. He felt that she betrayed him and his people. How could she do such a thing? His hatred of the Lightbearers grew stronger. He wished that he could kill them but that would be extremely difficult.

The Master Of Darkness watched him invisibly with two of his comrades behind him. “Okay here’s my plan,” he said to them, “I am going to appear to him as a human again and you two will appear as humans also. We will have a meeting with him and tell him how to handle the meddling Lightbearers and the slaves. We will also work with his slave masters visibly so that things will get much harder and the Small Faith People will lose their hope of being free.” The two demons applauded their leader’s idea. Then at his signal the three of them appeared to the chief. Much Cruel recognized the one as the friend he had made and was delighted to see him again. “It’s been a while. What have you been doing?” Much Cruel asked him. The Master of Darkness answered, “I have been secretly keeping an eye on things for you and your people. I have noticed that things are not going well for you on account of Karen and Eddy.”

Much Cruel pounded his fist on his stone throne in anger. “Those young ones took my wife away with their ridiculous religion. I wish I could get rid of them but they have a power on their side that protects them.”

“Yes, I heard about what happened at the games. But don’t worry, we will find a way to destroy them. Won’t we boys?” the Master of Darkness then turned to the two who were by his side. They smiled and nodded in unison. Then he turned toward the chief. “And we have a plan that will surely work. We will tell it to you so that you can help us.”

Much Cruel became excited like a little kid at Christmas time getting ready to open his presents. He had complete trust in this man and felt that with him by his side there will be no more Karen and Eddy. Sure the plan to discourage them by destroying their Lanterns didn’t work but he had confidence that this plan would. Much Cruel grinned and said to the three men, “I’m listening…”


In the cave Karen and Eddy were eating a small meal that the queen had prepared for them. When Karen stood up to put her empty plate away she moaned and quickly placed her hand on her side.

Eddy noticed. “Are you okay, Karen?” he asked.

Karen continued moaning. The pain felt like someone was stabbing her. Then it went away.

Eddy watched her in great concern. “Karen, what’s wrong?”

Karen removed her hand from her side and said, “I don’t know. I felt this awful pain but now it’s gone.”

“Maybe it was the food we ate,” said Eddy.

“Yeah, maybe that was it,” said Karen. The pain then came back making her double over.

Eddy became scared. “How bad is the pain?” he asked her.

“It’s bad. It feels like my whole body is on fire,” Karen answered moaning.

“Maybe you should lie down for a bit. Perhaps sleep will help you get better.” Eddy advised her.

“I think I will, little buddy,” she said as she slowly walked to where her blankets and pillow were. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“See you in the morning,” said Eddy. He prayed that the pain Karen was having would go away.

The next morning the pain in Karen’s chest grew worse. She couldn’t walk so she laid back down. Eddy watched her and feared that if she didn’t get healed she would…

“No! I’m not going to think that!” said Eddy fighting the thought of losing her. “I’ll tell my people what’s happening and ask them to pray for her. With all of us praying Karen will be all better. I believe it!” then he thought, But how can I get out without being caught by the Natives of Doubt? I can’t stay here though. What do I do?

The queen then walked into the cave. When she saw Karen laying on the blankets moaning she knew something wasn’t right. “What happened to her?” she asked Eddy.

“I don’t know. She was like this last evening after dinner. The pain seems to have gotten very bad. Poor Karen,” he said as he turned to see the teenage girl curling into a fetal position and screaming.

The queen went up to her and felt her head. “She’s burning up with a fever. She’s very sick. If she doesn’t get medical attention she will die.”

“No!” Eddy gasped.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take her to one of our doctors.” said the queen.

Eddy’s eyes widened in fear. “But will she be safe? I don’t want the chief and the Natives of Doubt to harm her.”

The queen assured him. “I’ll stay by her side so that she won’t get hurt. Don’t worry little Eddy.” She then gently picked Karen up from the stone floor and carried her in her strong arms. “Be brave and stay strong in your faith.” She then walked out of the cave.

Eddy closed his eyes tightly. If Karen died he didn’t know what he was going to do. He couldn’t lead his people out of the Mountains of Trouble without her by his side. Eddy had to talk to his people now. He prayed that the Natives of Doubt wouldn’t notice him when he went back out there.


The doctor looked Karen over. The queen watched him as he checked Karen’s pulse and read her temperature with a thermometer. The doctor turned to the queen. “Your majesty, I’m afraid that within a couple of days this young girl will not be here anymore. This sickness is severe and there is nothing I can do about it.”

The queen’s eyes filled with tears. She was sad that someone so young was going to die. The doctor then said, “the only thing that can save her is a miracle, but we Natives of Doubt don’t believe in such things.”

“I do.” said the queen. “And I will ask the Good King, the God of Heaven to heal this young one.”

The doctor was stunned. Did the queen of the Natives of Doubt really say that? “Do you really believe in the God of Heaven?” he asked her.

The queen nodded. “I believe that He is the One and True God.” she said.

The doctor didn’t say anything. The queen then said to him. “I’m trusting you to take care of this dear soul. Can I trust you to protect her from my husband and his men?”

The doctor said to her, “I’ve never agreed with the chief’s ways. I always felt that he was way too brutal on people. I’ll make sure that she is protected. You can trust me.”

The queen thanked him.


Eddy managed to speak to Billy without being detected. He told him about Karen and how worried he was for her. “Please pray for her.” Eddy pleaded.

“Of course I will and tonight I will have everyone in Small Faith pray for her.”

Eddy felt a little better. “Thank you, Billy. Thank you very much.” He began to walk away when Billy called him back. “Yeah?” he asked.

“Whatever happens don’t lose faith in the Good King.” Billy answered.

Eddy didn’t want to hear that but he knew it was true. He must keep trusting in the Good King even if for some reason Karen wasn’t spared from death.

“I’ll see you later, Billy,” he said. He walked back to the cave and knelt on the stone floor. He bowed his head and covered his face as tears fell from his eyes.

To Be Continued