“I am Willing, Lord” sung by The Heritage Singers


It’s not easy to be submissive to God when we suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But may this song help us to remember that God’s purpose for our suffering is always for our good, for the good of others, and for the glory of Jesus Christ, even when we can’t see these benefits with our limited vision.


The Devotion of the Lightbearer

This beautiful animated music video shows what a Lightbearer does. This person obeys the call of the Good King to lead others to Him in both good times and bad times. A faithful Lightbearer doesn’t stop showing the Lost the Way to Heaven until his work is done. May God give us such a devotion for Him and His everlasting cause.

“Karen The Lightbearer: The Game” Final Part

The next day Sloppy Joe called Karen and Eddy to go outside with him. The two Believers followed him out the door where he led them to a burn barrel. On the ground next to the burn barrel was his game, Magic and Mysticism.

“What are you going to do, Sloppy?” Karen asked.

“I’m going to lay this cursed game on the altar of sacrifice as a witness to the Good King and to you folks that I’m never going to play Magic and Mysticism again. The things that took place last night made me see that playing this game wasn’t such a good idea after all. The Good King protected me and my friends from the evil that would have gotten us if He didn’t intervene.” He then sighed in sadness. “My friends…I hope they’ll understand someday, for I really care about them and don’t wish for harm to fall upon them in their game playing.”

Eddy wanted to encourage the sad motel owner. “Don’t worry, Sloppy, the Good King loves them very much and He will help them to see the dangers through the Holy Spirit.”

When Sloppy Joe heard these words a small smile formed on his face. “Thank you, little buddy,” he said, praying inwardly that someday his friends would come around.

Karen noticed that there was something missing. “What about the Communication Board? Shouldn’t something like that be burned too?”

“That game belonged to Mack,” Sloppy Joe answered. “He came back late last night to retrieve it.” 

Karen and Eddy were silent. 

Sloppy Joe then lit a match and threw it in the burn barrel. When the fire was good and hot he asked his two friends to pray with him. Holding each other’s hands Sloppy confessed his sin to the Good King, asked for His forgiveness, and vowed to no longer play Magic and Mysticism by His grace. He then prayed for his friends and that they would understand what he saw and also decide to forsake the games that had an evil influence in them. He ended his prayer with a big amen, which was repeated by the two Believers and then threw his favorite magical game into the fire. As it burned to ashes he then said to his friends:

“I would like to know more about the Good King and His ways. Will you please remain in my motel for a while to teach me?”

“Of course we will!” said Karen, her voice full of joy at another opportunity to share the Light of the Good King’s Truth.

Eddy was joyful also. “After what His Majesty did for me personally I am more than ready to join the call of being His Lightbearer to the Lost.”

The Master of Darkness growled a deep guttural growl. Now he would have two Lightbearers to contend with. His whole plan had utterly failed thanks to the Good King and the Messengers from Heaven. But he wasn’t done yet. He would soon come up with another plan to destroy Karen and Eddy so that the Light of the Good King’s Truth couldn’t be spread world-wide.


“Karen The Lightbearer: The Game” Part Six

Sloppy Joe handed the book to Dan. “Here you go, Mystic Master,” he said smiling.

Dan took the book and opened it. “Okay, so we are on the part where a beautiful princess is captured by an ugly ogre and the only one who can save her is someone who has devoted his life to the arts of magic and mysticism. The person is not only powerful but also skilled in his weaponry, a warrior who is courageous and wise. Silus the Warrior will go into the castle and save the fair damsel.”

Sloppy Joe blushed. “Me? I’m going to save a princess? Wow! Can I have someone join me?”

Dan read more of the book. “Silus can pick a member from the group who is a devotee to magic and mysticism like he is and who is also good with directions. He will be a guide to Silus and will also fight when necessary. The two will work together as a team.”

Mike raised his hand. “I’ll go with him. I fit those qualifications perfectly.”

“Excellent!” said Dan. Then he turned to Sloppy Joe and asked, “Silus, will you accept Marcus on your quest?”

“I sure will,” he said very happy to have someone with him for his adventure.

“Okay, let’s get started,” said Dan.

Though Eddy’s eyes were closed in prayer he was able to hear what was going on in the group. He sensed a dark presence in the basement and he implored the Good King urgently to save them all from the evil that was present.

As the men continued on with their game something happened that disrupted their fun time.

“I can’t seem to envision the castle or the monsters that are in it,” said Sloppy Joe in a discouraged tone, “it’s like there’s a wall in my mind that’s keeping me from going there.”

“I’m experiencing the same thing too,” said Mike. “What’s going on here?”

Bob turned to where Eddy was sitting. “Hey guys look! That little guy is doing what that teenage girl just did. Perhaps he’s the cause of Magic and Mysticism not working.” He then yelled at Eddy, “You better stop right now or we will force you out also!”

Now Eddy naturally would have shivered and stopped praying at the tone of that voice, but he was not in his natural state at this moment. He was so in tune to the Good King that he couldn’t hear them. As he continued praying he started to verbally quote promises from the Holy Word:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (KJV)

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21 (KJV)

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 5:4 (KJV)

“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11 (KJV)

The Master of Darkness covered his ears and howled. “Shut up! Stop it! I can’t stand to hear the Holy Word quoted when it is driven by the Holy Spirit! Silence, man of little faith!”

Mack got up along with the other four. “C’mon fellows, let’s show this small fry that we don’t tolerate with those who ruin our fun!”

They began to walk toward Eddy but Sloppy Joe stopped them. “Friends, don’t touch him! He has the same glow around him that was on Karen! The Good King is very close to him and is using him. Can’t you see the Light that’s surrounding him?”

His friends scoffed. “Light? We don’t see any light. All we see is a little man who is quoting strange words with his eyes closed. You’re seeing things, Sloppy. C’mon guys, let’s escort the midget out of here!”

Sloppy Joe ran past his friends and stood in front of the Small Faith Person. He was still praying and quoting the beautiful promises.

“Out of the way, Sloppy! We want to continue on with our game!” Mack shouted.

Sloppy Joe refused. “No! This is all wrong! I’m starting to see that there’s a reason why all of this is happening. The Good King is trying to protect us through His servants from whatever is in the basement with us. If we force Eddy out too we may find ourselves in very deep trouble.”

“Don’t you want to continue being Silus the Warrior? According to the book if you succeed in this adventure you will be the next Mystic Master. Imagine what an honor that is! You will be in control of every Magic and Mysticism adventure!”

Sloppy Joe shook his head. “I’m beginning to wonder if maybe that game along with the Communication Board are the reasons why all this is taking place. It’s like their under a dark influence and the Good King is showing us through the two Believers by interfering with the games. If being Silus the Warrior means acting like this then the answer is no. Our game time is over, friends. Please leave.”

The five men looked at Sloppy Joe stunned. Without saying a word they made their way up the stairs and left the basement.

Eddy opened his eyes. “Sloppy, where did everyone go?” he asked bewildered.

The rotund man patted his back. “I guess they couldn’t handle the Light of the Good King’s Truth that was shining through you.”

Eddy scratched his head. “Through me? I don’t understand.”

The door opened and Karen walked in. “I saw the whole thing through the window and I praise His Majesty for what took place here in the basement.” She then embraced Eddy tightly. “Though your faith is very small the Good King used it in a mighty way to stop the Master of Darkness from accomplishing his dark will. You were shining with the Light of the Good King’s Truth when you were praying. When you quoted the verses from the Holy Word the Light became so bright that it made the demonic fiend flee. You are breaking out of your fear by the Good King’s grace, Eddy.”

Tears of joy flowed down Eddy’s cheeks. Thank you Master, for showing me Your might and power. Thank you that You can also work through a Small Faith Person, such as I. He then looked up at Karen. “You were shining too, sister. Before those guys forced you out I saw the Light from the Lantern touch your body with all of it’s purity and glory.”

“The Light of the Good King’s Truth is starting to become a part of us.” Karen explained with great joy in her voice. “The goal of every Believer is to be one with the Good King in His Word.”

Stay Tuned For the Conclusion.

“Karen The Lightbearer: The Game” Part Five

The men turned behind them to where the teenage girl was sitting. They growled at her and with one voice hollered: “Get out of here! You’re disrupting our game! Get out!”

Karen closed her eyes again in prayer. The Light that was encircling her became brighter and filled her soul with a sweet heavenly peace. Eddy stared at her and marveled at what was happening to his young friend. Then he turned and saw five of the men coming toward them.

“If you won’t leave then we will escort you out, missy!” Bob exclaimed in an angry tone.

Sloppy Joe watched in horror as his friends grabbed Karen and started to lift her up from her chair. He saw the brightness that was surrounding her and he began to suspect that it was the Good King’s doing, for what reason he couldn’t understand. The five men, however, did not see the Light because their souls were so wrapped up in darkness.

The men started to drag her toward the back door. Karen didn’t fight back. Her gentle and calm disposition finally made Sloppy Joe speak up. “Friends, please don’t hurt dear Karen! She’s also a friend of mine and I owe my very life to her. Please let her be!”

But the men didn’t hear him. With gritting teeth and mean words they opened the door and pushed Karen outside.

“Karen!” Eddy cried.

Outside Karen bowed her head and continued on in prayer. She wouldn’t stop lifting up her friends and Sloppy Joe’s friends to the Good King until the danger passed.

The Master of Darkness was jubilant. Now that the Lightbearer was out of the way he could play with these gullible stupid humans. He wasn’t worried about Eddy because he wasn’t as strong as Karen and his fear would make him an easy target for the Forces of Evil to destroy him. He couldn’t use him to defeat the Lightbearer liked he hoped to but he could break her heart as well as the Good King’s heart by taking the little man to eternal death with him at the end of the world.

“Now can we try this board again?” said Mack as he and the others sat back down in their circle.

Sloppy Joe was very creeped out at what he just beheld from the Communication Board so he quickly changed the subject. “How about we play Magic and Mysticism for now. I’m just itching to go back to being Silus the Warrior again.”

His friends agreed and together they set the game up.

Eddy became very fearful. His friend was just kicked out along with her Lantern that held the Light of the Good King’s Truth and now he was alone to face whatever was going to come from this gathering. He wanted to run but his body felt like it was glued to the chair. He then decided to do what Karen did…pray.

To Be Continued