“Karen The Lightbearer: The Game” Part Two

Through out the day Eddy thought of Sloppy Joe and the game. He really didn’t want to hurt the motel owner who was so kind and gracious to him and Karen when they needed a place to stay for a while, but he also didn’t want to do anything that would hurt his Master, the Good King. What was he to do? He decided to pray about this and wait for the right answer.

Karen was in her room reading promises from her Lantern that were glowing on the wall in words of fire. She smiled and treasured these promises, for they were the Light of the Good King’s Truth that He had given to her to share with others. When she was done reading and meditating on the words she bowed her head and thanked her Lord for what she just saw from His Word. When she opened her eyes the words that appeared on the wall were gone and the fire in the Lantern was shining in all its purity and glory. This beauty made Karen misty eyed because she counted such a privilege that the great Good King, the God of all Heaven and Earth, would give a lowly human like her the honor of telling and showing His words to her fellow humans. She recalled what she was like when she first received the calling. She was so nervous and bashful that she thought it was a mistake that the Good King wanted her to be His Lightbearer. Her experience in Merciville helped her to see that the calling was no mistake at all and that anyone could be His Lightbearer if they truly wanted to be. She also received a special blessing because of her obedience. Many of the inhabitants of Merciville were saved by her witness and she also made a very good friend on her mission: Edward Matthews the Small Faith Person. Eddy was such a nice man and a great comfort to her since she was away from home. She hoped that his people were okay and that someday he would be reunited with them. She had kept the little guy in her prayers and she knew that the Good King was very close to him and would help him on their adventures together.

“Well, I guess I’ll go outside and enjoy a little fresh air,” she said to herself as she picked up her Lantern and headed out of her room.

Eddy was walking outside. He enjoyed the sunshine and the birds that warbled their sweets songs of happiness and praise. As he walked he prayed about the situation he was struggling with. Should he play the game with Sloppy Joe or not? He asked for wisdom in this decision and that he would make the right one with the help of the Holy Spirit.

“Hey Eddy!” a familiar voice called out.

The little man quickly turned his head and saw Sloppy Joe coming toward him. “Hi Sloppy, what’s up?” he asked cordially.

The rotund man smiled a big smile. “I just invited some of my friends to the motel for tonight so we could show you how the game Magic and Mysticism works. One of them is even going to bring a game of his called The Communication Board. You’ll be amazed at what that toy can do!”

Eddy’s smile quickly faded. He didn’t know what Magic and Mysticism was but he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what The Communication Board was. When he was a very young boy a family had moved into a house next door to his and had invited him one night to play The Communication Board with them. He wanted to join them but his parents said no. He didn’t understand and thought that they were just trying to keep him from making friends. He lived in a part of Small Faith that didn’t have many kids his age so when the new family came over with a girl and a boy who were just as fun loving and energetic as he was his joy was beyond comparison. His parents knew that he was lonely. Why were they trying to keep him away from those who could be his friends? Later that night when he was brooding in his room his mother came to see him. She sat on the bed next to him and told him what The Communication Board was and what it did. When Eddy heard all this he was shocked and shuddered at the thought that the Master of Darkness would have gotten him through that toy if his parents didn’t stop him. He hugged his mother tightly and thanked her for protecting him from something that was so dangerous. When he got out of his room he thanked his father also and that night the three members of the family had a special get together.

“Sloppy, I…” but he couldn’t finish for the rotund man had excitedly turned and headed back to his motel. “See you tonight little buddy!” he called.

“Yeah, see ya,” said Eddy quietly. Now he was really in a pickle.

To Be Continued


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