“Karen The Lightbearer: The Game” Part Five

The men turned behind them to where the teenage girl was sitting. They growled at her and with one voice hollered: “Get out of here! You’re disrupting our game! Get out!”

Karen closed her eyes again in prayer. The Light that was encircling her became brighter and filled her soul with a sweet heavenly peace. Eddy stared at her and marveled at what was happening to his young friend. Then he turned and saw five of the men coming toward them.

“If you won’t leave then we will escort you out, missy!” Bob exclaimed in an angry tone.

Sloppy Joe watched in horror as his friends grabbed Karen and started to lift her up from her chair. He saw the brightness that was surrounding her and he began to suspect that it was the Good King’s doing, for what reason he couldn’t understand. The five men, however, did not see the Light because their souls were so wrapped up in darkness.

The men started to drag her toward the back door. Karen didn’t fight back. Her gentle and calm disposition finally made Sloppy Joe speak up. “Friends, please don’t hurt dear Karen! She’s also a friend of mine and I owe my very life to her. Please let her be!”

But the men didn’t hear him. With gritting teeth and mean words they opened the door and pushed Karen outside.

“Karen!” Eddy cried.

Outside Karen bowed her head and continued on in prayer. She wouldn’t stop lifting up her friends and Sloppy Joe’s friends to the Good King until the danger passed.

The Master of Darkness was jubilant. Now that the Lightbearer was out of the way he could play with these gullible stupid humans. He wasn’t worried about Eddy because he wasn’t as strong as Karen and his fear would make him an easy target for the Forces of Evil to destroy him. He couldn’t use him to defeat the Lightbearer liked he hoped to but he could break her heart as well as the Good King’s heart by taking the little man to eternal death with him at the end of the world.

“Now can we try this board again?” said Mack as he and the others sat back down in their circle.

Sloppy Joe was very creeped out at what he just beheld from the Communication Board so he quickly changed the subject. “How about we play Magic and Mysticism for now. I’m just itching to go back to being Silus the Warrior again.”

His friends agreed and together they set the game up.

Eddy became very fearful. His friend was just kicked out along with her Lantern that held the Light of the Good King’s Truth and now he was alone to face whatever was going to come from this gathering. He wanted to run but his body felt like it was glued to the chair. He then decided to do what Karen did…pray.

To Be Continued


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