“Karen The Lightbearer: The Stolen Lantern” Epilogue

Eddy used most of his time recuperating from his injuries reading and studying the pure messages that shone from Karen’s Lantern on how to be a good Lightbearer for the Good King. These were very sweet moments to him and he looked forward to the time when he would have a Lantern of his own.

Karen visited him in his room every day and joined him in his Holy Word studies. They talked together, prayed together, and also commented on the teachings and promises that were shining from the Lantern that moment. Sloppy Joe also joined them and later on he eventually became a Believer in the Good King.

Weeks later Eddy got completely better and it was time for him and Karen to leave the motel and continue on in the adventures that the Good King ordered for them. Sloppy Joe was sad to see them go and asked them to come and visit him again in his motel when they got the chance. When they departed the sloppy dressed man reconstructed his motel and gave it a really good cleaning so that he could get more customers who need to stay for a night or more. Many people came to his motel and whenever he could he told them about the Good King and His Home called Heaven. Some laughed at him calling him a fat fool but others listened to him and became interested in these sayings. Sloppy Joe didn’t know it but these people who were listening to him would soon become Lightbearers in the future. He was contributing to the Good King’s Kingdom and he didn’t even know it.

Discord, Dishonest, and Distrust broke their allegiance to the Master of Darkness. The demon was very wrathful of their decision and was going to destroy them for defying him, but their New Boss protected them from his fatal attacks. The three brothers were so different now that people wondered if they could possibly be the same guys who gave them nothing but trouble. This gave the men an opportunity to share with them what they learned about the Good King and how much He loves the fallen human race. Their witness opened the hearts of the people and made them want to know more about this God who completely turned them around.

Realizing that they could no longer keep their names because they were associated with their old lifestyle, they changed their names to Concord, Honest, and Trust. They served the Good King faithfully for the rest of their lives.

Eddy soon received his very own Lantern. It was given to him by a Messenger From Heaven (an angel) and the little man was more than ready to start his mission of being a Lightbearer For the Good King.

The End


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