“Karen the Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part One

“Karen the Lightbearer: The Straight Truth”

By Lightbearer4truth


Late at night, Karen the Lightbearer was in Sloppy Joe’s library looking for a book to read to pass the time. She couldn’t sleep because of the dreams she kept having. They were visions of people who were hurt, captured, or threatened by those who didn’t appreciate the messages that were given to them by these very brave souls. These despised individuals each had a Lantern of their own, which made Karen wonder if they were Lightbearers like she was. As the teenage girl skimmed through the books on the shelves the images came back to her:

“You’re going there to tell them about the Good King?! Don’t you understand what these people are! They will surely kill you like they did the others who went there before you!”

“My dear husband, please don’t worry about me. I must obey the call of the Good King to go to this country to tell them of Him and His ways. He will be with me and will not let anything happen to me unless it be for my good and for the good of others.”

“Don’t do this! I beg of you! You are all that I have!”

“I must go, dear husband. This country is in total darkness by the Master of Darkness, and I will go to share the truths of the Good King with those who are hungry for them.”

“Do you young folks still believe in the Good King now?”

“Yes, we do. He is with us right now.”

“Then why is He letting you die at this very moment? Why isn’t He keeping me from getting ready to shoot you?”

“His Majesty is able to save us from you, but even if He doesn’t, we will not deny Him.”

“Then prepare to meet Him now stupid kids!”

Karen shuddered at the last memory of her dream. That incident was at a school and those that were threatened with death were young teens. What made it worse was that judging by the time and background of the dream it looked like it may have taken place in the country where she lived. Her country was far from perfect but as far as she knew no one from the outside came to where the Believers gathered and threatened to destroy them. A Believer was usually threatened when they went to where those who were against the Good King were: whether it was a different country, or a place in hers where the Darkness of Deception reigned supreme. Would those from the outside really attack the Good King’s people?

Karen finally found a book on the shelf that sparked her interest called, “The Straight Truth.” She pulled the book down. It was a big book of about 500 pages, filled with stories of the past and present of those who loved and followed the Good King faithfully. She sat in a red easy chair and was getting ready to read it when a familiar squeaky voice asked:

“What are you doing up so late, Karen?”

She turned her head and saw Eddy the Small Faith Person walking into the library with a small blue robe around his tiny frame.

“I couldn’t sleep, Ed, so I decided to see if there was something good to look at it in this library,” she answered him.

“That sure is a big book you got there!” he commented. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about Believers in both the past and present who have done things for the Good King. The book is called, “The Straight Truth.”

“Catchy title,” said Eddy interested. “Do you think you would mind reading some of these stories to me?

“I don’t mind at all,” said Karen, happy that she wouldn’t be alone as she checked out this book.

Eddy sat on a stool next to the easy chair and waited for his best friend to start the first story.


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