“Karen The Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part Two

Story # 1: The Mysterious Giant Part 1

In the late 1600’s there lived a noble Lamplighter and his eight year old son, Jonathan. The Lamplighter was named Peter and everyone in the town loved him. Every evening he lit the Lampposts on the streets and sang a merry tune as he did his work. His songs of praise to the Good King filled everyone’s hearts with peace as the long night approached them. Those who were in bed had sweet dreams in their sleep and those who had to stay up at night guarding the town were filled with new courage and determination to protect the citizens from whatever threat may come. Peter was truly a great witness to his friends and neighbors. He prayed that everyone in the town would know about the Good King and accept Him as their Savior and Lord.

Jonathan enjoyed being with his father during his rounds. He loved the songs that came from his father’s mouth and when the songs were finished he would ask him about the things he sang about.

“Papa, is Heaven really that nice? Are there really angels, animals, and good people there?”

“Yes, my son, Heaven is truly a wonderful place. The things that are there are so amazing that you couldn’t possibly imagine what it could be like.” Peter would answer him.

“Papa, how do we get to this wonderful place?” the lad would then ask.

“Did you hear the song that I just sang?” Peter would ask him gently.

“Yes, papa.”

“What did it say?”

Jonathan tried with all of his might to remember. “It said that if we accept the Good King’s loving gift of salvation that we will be where He is. The Good King is in Heaven, right?”

Peter patted his son’s head and chuckled. “Yes, my son. And He wants us to be where He is. He made the way for us by giving His life for us when He died on the cross for our sins.”

Jonathan looked at his dear father confused. “What’s a cross, papa?”

Peter smiled. This kid had so many questions. He was glad that his son had such an interest in these important matters. Most kids would want to spend most of their time causing mischief in the streets or throw rotten vegetables at the churches nearby. He shook his head when he recalled how he was once like that when he was a kid himself. His conversion happened when he painted one of the parsonages white with black spots while the parson was sleeping. The next morning when the parson got up to walk outside he saw what happened to the parsonage and was shocked beyond belief. Young Peter and his playmates were hiding behind trees trying so hard to stifle their giggles. But the parson heard them and went after them. The other kids escaped, except Peter. The parson caught him and took him inside the parsonage that now looked like a dairy cow on the outside. In the study the parson made Peter sit down in a chair and had a long talk with him. To Peter’s amazement he was not upset at all, only sad and concerned. During the conversation the kind parson told the young rascal about the Good King and what He did to save him from eternal separation and death. Peter listened with great interest and that day accepted the Good King as His Savior and Lord. Realizing that he had to make right what he did wrong he told the parson that he would repaint the parsonage back to the color it once was. The Parson was very happy to hear that and rejoiced that another soul was won for Heaven.

“Papa?” Jonathan’s voice brought the Lamplighter back to reality.

“Yes, my son?” he asked.

“What’s a cross?” the boy repeated.

“I’ll show you when we get to the next street,” said Peter.

When they got to the second street the gentle Lamplighter led his inquisitive son to a church. There painted on the door of the church was a brown cross. Peter pointed to the object and said to Jonathan, “That is a cross. One of the cruelest things that were used many many years ago to punish people. The Good King was on a cross and it hurt Him very much. He could have decided not to hang on it but He loved us all so much that He willingly stayed on it.”

“I don’t understand, papa,” said the little boy confused.

Peter ruffled the lad’s red hair. “Don’t worry my son, you will. The Good King will help you to understand at the right time.”

The night was wearing on and soon Jonathan grew tired. He tried to keep himself awake but couldn’t. Peter noticed his son’s drowsiness and led him to the wagon that they used to get from street to street. He laid his son gently in the wagon, placed a sack of flour under his head for a pillow, and covered him with a soft warm blanket.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for giving me such a child. May he know You more and desire to serve You when his calling comes.” Peter prayed and then kissed Jonathan’s cheek before he went back to his rounds.

When Jonathan was 10 years old, he and his father went to church as was their custom on every Sabbath Day. The preacher at the pulpit talked about the Good King and His great love for the fallen human race. He explained the life, death, and resurrection of the Good King so well that Jonathan made the decision to accept Him as Savior and Lord for his life. When the service was over the Lamplighter and his son hopped into the wagon to go home. On the way Jonathan told his father of the decision he had made. Peter’s eyes became misty as he guided the horse on the rough road. The boy noticed his father’s tears and asked him what was wrong. Peter turned to his son and answered with a big smile on his face, “I’m just so proud of you, my son. So very proud of you.”

End of Part One

“That sure sounds like a nice story, Karen,” Eddy commented as he brushed a few tears from his eyes. “What do you think is going to happen to Peter the Lamplighter and his dear son now?”

Karen turned to the next page. “Well, shall we see, little buddy?” she asked grinning.

Eddy agreed wholeheartedly. “Most definitely!” he said.

Karen got ready to read the next part of the story.


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