“Karen The Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part Four

“Would you like to hear another story?” Karen asked Eddy.

“Most definitely!” said the little man excited.

Karen turned the page and read the next tale.

Story # 2 : Samantha’s Mission Field Part 1

Samantha was a loving wife of a well-known preacher named Pastor Jonah Wells. They both lived in Secular City and every day the energetic preacher went to different parts of the city to hold revival meetings and Holy Word studies. The worldly citizens enjoyed listening to this man preach and many of them accepted the Good King during the altar call at the end of each meeting and study.

Samantha was different. She was a quiet person who stayed at home and spent her days doing her household chores and praying for her husband. She also visited her neighbors and told them of the Good King through her words and actions. She wished that she could go out with her husband on his preaching rounds but she felt that she was way too shy to face thousands of people. The idea of standing up in front of a huge crowd made her nauseous. During her times of prayer she had asked the Good King to grant her the willingness and courage to go out and share the good news of His great love toward the fallen human race. The answer didn’t come yet but she had faith that at the right time it would.

One day as she was on her way to deliver cookies to a lonely neighbor she was stopped by a tall handsome man. He called out to her:

“Samantha, daughter of His Majesty, I have a message for you!”

The middle aged woman didn’t understand what was going on. Who was this fellow? What did he want with her?

Noticing her confusion and discomfort the tall handsome man said to her, “Samantha, don’t be afraid. I’m an angel from Heaven and I have a message from the Good King.”

Samantha’s eyes nearly popped out. She was faced to face with an angel! She stood speechless as the noble being gave her this message:

“His Majesty has heard your prayers and He wants you to go to the country of Timorous. The people there need to know of Him and His everlasting ways. They have lived in fear for many years. It is time for them to finally be free.”

Samantha was surprised to receive this message. The people of Timorous were a very fearful civilization. Their constant anxieties and insecurities have made them so distrustful that they killed anyone that was foreign to them. She wondered if she had what it took to obey this command.

“Sir, I’m just a housewife and also very shy to boot. I think my husband, Jonah Wells would be more qualified for this task. He’s a preacher and a very good one at that!”

“Jonah Wells has also been given this command, but he refuses to go. He feels comfortable remaining where he is. Fear not, you will not go alone. There will be heavenly angels with you and you will also have a companion, your friend and neighbor, Joan Sullivan. She’s also been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel with the world. Go and fear not, Samantha, for when you walk in His Majesty’s will, He walks with you.”

The angel then disappeared.

Samantha praised the Good King for answering her prayer. As she praised Him a thought entered her mind: How was she going to tell her husband of the call that was just given to her? She then asked the Good King in prayer to give her the right words to say when she saw him later in the day.

At around 4:00 pm Jonah Wells returned home from his preaching. His wife was in the kitchen fixing dinner for him.

“Hello Samantha dear,” he said as he walked into the kitchen and kissed his wife’s hand.

“Hello, Jonah dear,” she said as she embraced him. “How was the preaching today?”

“It was awesome! The Holy Spirit really came upon the listeners and during the altar call every single one of them came up to accept the Good King as their Savior and Lord. Isn’t that wonderful! There will be more souls for the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Samantha smiled. She was happy for her husband. He was a good man who loved the Good King with his whole being.

“So Samantha, how was your day today?” he asked her.

Samantha told him of the angel she met on her way to visit a neighbor. She then recounted what the angel said to her and that she was called by the Good King to go to the country of Timorous to witness to the people there.

When her husband heard this his smile faded.

Samantha saw his changed expression. “What’s wrong, Jonah?” she asked gently.

The preacher shook his head. “This has to be a mistake. Are you sure that was an angel from Heaven? It could have been one of the Master of Darkness’ minions disguised as one to deceive you.”

“He was definitely from Heaven. Why would the devil tell someone to go to a lost country to share the Gospel of the Good King to those who are under his dark spell? How could the Master of Darkness cast out the Master of Darkness? It makes no sense.”

Jonah rubbed his head as if he was about to have an headache. After he rubbed it about ten times he looked at his wife with eyes of deep sadness.

“But to go to such a country is extremely dangerous. The Timorians are so full of fear that they will do all they can to defend themselves when they feel threatened. Outsiders never got out of that place alive. Don’t you understand that to go there could mean possible death for you? Stay here and help me with the Holy Word Studies and Revival Meetings. Our people are the ones that need the Gospel the most.”

Samantha declined the offer. “Dear husband, it’s true that the people of this city need to know of the Good King and His ways, but our Lord said, ‘Go ye into all the world,’ and as important as it is, Secular City isn’t ‘all the world’. Timorous has every right to know of the Gospel too. His Majesty gave His life for the people there also.”

Jonah became desperate. He knew he couldn’t fight against the Good King’s will by keeping his wife from going to the dangerous country. What could he do to make his wife change her mind. He did the only thing he could do. He dropped to his knees in front of his stunned wife and begged her to reconsider.

“Samantha, I beg of you, don’t go to this country! Don’t you understand that if you go the people who dwell there will surely kill you? I love you very much! You are all that I have! Please change your mind!”

Samantha held her husband’s hands and looked tenderly into his misty eyes. “Dear, I must go. I can’t disobey the Good King by staying here. Come with me, together we can obey His Majesty and lead the Timorians to Him with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Good King has gifted you with speech and influence. Why not use them in a place that is dire need to know of Him and His everlasting ways?”

The downcast preacher shook his head vigorously. “I can’t dear! I must stay here and do what I am doing! I really can’t see what effect preaching to a bunch of timid people would have. They wouldn’t understand it because they are so blinded by fear and unbelief. I think that the Timorians are a lost cause. Missionaries have tried to help them with their kindness and goodness, and later lost their lives in the process. I don’t wish to die, not yet anyway.”

Samantha gazed down at Jonah in pity. She always thought of her husband as a fearless warrior for the Good King but now she saw that he still had a lot to learn in serving and trusting His Majesty with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength. She offered a silent prayer for him, asking that he would see all people the way Heaven sees them.

“Samantha, I can’t force you to stay here with me, but I beseech you to forget the call you just received for our sake. Please don’t go!” he strongly implored her.

The middle aged woman then said something that would burn in her weeping husband’s mind: “I will go to where His Majesty wants me to go, for I know that He promises to be with me and will never leave me. I will not turn away from my own flesh but I will help them in any way I can with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Timorians are my brothers and sisters in need. The Good King wants to save them through me and I have decided to be a willing instrument in His hands.”

Jonah stared at his wife in unbelief. He got up from his knees and hugged her tightly. “May Heaven be very close to you my dear, dear wife.” he said, praying that he would see her alive again.

“Please read on, Karen,” said Eddy. “I can’t wait to see what will happen to Samantha as a result of her obedience to the Good King.”

Karen turned to the next part of the story.


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