“Karen The Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part Seven

Story # 2 : “Samantha’s Mission Field” Part Four

As the sun started to rise in the sky, Samantha and her friend Joan got up and had their morning devotions. James and his wife were still sleeping soundly in their bedroom. When the two women got down on their knees for prayer they heard the voice of the Good King in their minds. This is what He told them:

“Samantha, Joan, when the story of My great love is fully shared with the Timorians this day, I want you to start conducting Holy Word studies with them. They will come forward to accept My gift of eternal life when the Gospel is finished and they will want to know how they can serve Me in their land. If you are faithful in this, the Timorians will be a people of love and faith and their influence will be spread to the World.”

“Lord, we will obey you,” said Samantha and Joan together as they finished their prayer.

When everyone was up and about they all went outside to hear more of the stories of the Good King. Samantha and Joan stood in front of them and continued sharing the pure Gospel. Samantha’s Holy Word again transformed into a Lantern. Pictures once again flashed out and showed on the wall of one of the Timorians’ homes. All the little people watched as the scenes of the Good King’s life were played before them. They cried when they saw Him being mistreated by the Roman Soldiers and those who refused to believe in Him. The children clung to their parents when they saw these things and inquired why a God that was so good should be treated like this. Their parents couldn’t answer them for they also didn’t understand why this happened.

The President of Timorous dabbed his eyes with his handkerchief. He had never witnessed anything so sad like this before. He wondered where the justice was in this. He small heart filled with anger when he saw many of the people laughing and mocking the Good King, who was dying such a cruel death on the wooden cross.

When the scenes of His burial played the Timorians cried harder. A loving and good God was dead. This had to be the end of the story. What a sad ending!

The two women pitied the poor broken hearted little people.

“Don’t despair,” said Joan gently. “The best part is yet to come.”

The Timorians didn’t understand. How could there be a best part? When someone dies that’s it. There’s no happy ending beyond the grave. Their countenances were crestfallen until they saw the scenes of the Good King’s resurrection. They were so happy that they nearly jumped up and down for joy. Some of the parents even scooped up their children and danced.

Samantha and Joan smiled. This was what they would call a celebration, and the Good King’s resurrection was something worth celebrating about!

When the scenes went to the Good King visiting His disciples the Timorians ceased their joyful noise and listened to more of the story. And when the scene of His Majesty ascending up into Heaven filled the wall and the angels promising those that saw Him go that He would come again someday, a little girl who was also watching the story said softly: “Come, King Jesus! I want so much to see You!”

The picture then faded and the wall became dull again. The Timorians gazed at where they saw the Gospel played before them. They thought about what they saw and heard. The Good King gave His life for the World, and that included the Timorians of Timorous!

The President turned to the two women. “Samantha, Joan, I want to accept the Good King as my Savior and Lord. How do I do that?”

“Come forward confess your sins to His Majesty. Ask Him to come into your heart and make you more like Him everyday.” Samantha encouraged.

The President heeded the call and came forward. When the Timorians saw their leader make this step they all did the same. Soon Samantha and Joan were crowded by little people from the youngest to the oldest. The two women prayed with them and the Timorians wept tears of joy because they were going to have a new life in the Good King. When they were done praying Joan led them in an old hymn about the Good King’s salvation to the whole world.

When the song ended James and Patricia asked Samantha and Joan if they could learn more things about their Savior and Lord. They were so happy and grateful that they wanted to know how they could serve the One who did so much for them with their lives. The rest of the Timorians also wanted the same.

Joan smiled. “We will conduct Holy Word studies. We find the Good King’s will when we read and study the Word.”

“But dear Joan, we don’t have any copies of the Holy Word,” said a little boy in a sad tone.

The Timorians sighed. How could they know how to serve His Majesty if they didn’t have the thing that showed them how?

An idea popped in Samantha’s head. “Dear friends, we will see what we can do so that you all can have a copy of this precious Book.”

Joan turned to her friend confused. “How are we going to do that?”

Samantha pulled a cell phone from the pocket of her pants. “I know someone who can help,” she said grinning.

She dialed the number and waited. When a voice spoke on the other end Samantha said, “Hello, Jonah, how are you doing? Yeah I’m doing fine. We’re going to need copies of the Holy Word for Timorous. Yes, they are now Believers of the Good King and they want to know more about Him. As soon as we get the Books we are going to conduct Holy Word studies for them. What? Are you sure? Oh, that would be wonderful! We’ll see you soon! Oh, how many? We’ll need at least hundreds and hundreds of copies. Will that be fine? Great! I love you!” Samantha ended the call and looked at the eager Timorians.

“Friends, you are going to get your very own copy of the Holy Word. And my husband will come here to do the Holy Word studies with you. He’s a very good man. You’ll love him.”

The Timorians cheered.

Days later Jonah Wells came to Timorous with boxes and boxes of copies of the Holy Word. It was a wonderful sight seeing the people get their own copy of the Holy Word and look through its pages for the very first time. And when they had their Holy Word studies they were never the same again. They learned a lot about the Good King, how to live for Him, and Heaven. At the end of the Holy Word studies many of the Timorians accepted the call for baptism. One by one they were baptized in one of their lovely rivers and when they came up out of the water their happiness knew no limits.

Samantha, her husband Jonah, and Joan stayed in Timorous for three years. When they left the place the people realized that they could no longer call themselves Timorians, so they all unanimously came up with a new name: Small Faith People. They then changed the name of their country to Small Faith. They still had their fearful nature but they believed that the Good King would drive their fears away as they drew closer to Him in reading the Holy Word and praying to Him.

A whole country was changed by the Good King’s grace because two women decided to obey the call to go out into all the world.

Eddy was stunned. “Wow! I just learned the history of my people! If Samantha and Joan didn’t come to us we would have never known of the Master and the promises of the Holy Word. I wonder why I was never told of this when I was younger.”

“That was a great story!” said Sloppy Joe. “Those two women will sure get stars in their crowns when the Good King comes again.”

“And they will cast them at His feet in praise because it was He who saved the Timorians. Samantha and Joan were humble instruments in His Majesty’s will to bring salvation to Timorous. This was all a part of His eternal plan.” Karen said to him.

“What a great and loving God we serve!’ Sloppy Joe exclaimed.

“Amen!’ said Karen and Eddy in unison.


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