“Karen The Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part Eight

“The Young Lightbearers’ Sacrifice” Part One

Not all stories have a happy ending. Sometimes those who follow the Good King pay the ultimate price for their love and obedience. Here’s a story about that.

Peter, John, and Paul were three young teenage boys who wanted to do something for the Good King. They attended a high school in the countryside where many teenage girls and boys didn’t know of the Good King. The boys wanted to tell them about Him but they didn’t know how. Everyday after school Peter would invite his two friends to go fishing with him. John and Paul would accept the invitation and go down to the river with their bait and fishing poles. As they fished they would talk about what happened in school and of their fellow classmates.

“So many of them don’t know that there is a much better place than this old world,” Paul commented as he placed a wiggling worm on his hook.

“Yeah, I really wish we could tell them about His Majesty and His everlasting Home above,” said Peter as he felt a small tug on his fishing pole. “Say, guys I think I got a bite!” he reeled his catch in, only to discover that it was an old worn out boot.

Paul and John laughed.

“I think I just caught a Leather Head!” Peter joked as he pulled the boot off of the hook and tossed it aside.

“You got quite a sense of humor, Pete,” said John chuckling.

The line on Paul’s fishing pole started to tug. “I got a bite!” he exclaimed.

Peter and John watched as their friend reeled his catch in, which turned out to be a small crab.

Paul sighed, “So close and yet so far,” he said as he placed the small red creature back in the water.

John then stared at his fishing line and contemplated. He then came up with something that he wanted to share with his two companions.

“Say guys, I just got an idea that may work in leading our classmates and perhaps the whole school to the Good King. It sounds crazy but if we ask for the Holy Spirit’s help it might work.”

“What is it?” Peter asked interested.

“Why don’t we have after school bible studies in the library? I’m sure Miss Williamson the Librarian wouldn’t mind if we asked her.”

Peter and Paul liked the idea.

“How about we pray about this idea right now and see how His Majesty will lead us in it tomorrow?” Paul suggested.

The three teenage boys then prayed by the river and asked that they would be opened to the Holy Spirit’s leading on how they should reach out to their classmates.

After prayer they heard a noise in the water. The line on John’s fishing pole was being tugged hard. John quickly grabbed the pole and tried to reel the catch in, but couldn’t because it was fighting violently.

“Help me guys!” he called out to his friends.

Peter and Paul ran to his side to help him reel the catch in. It took a lot of teamwork and effort but they finally managed at succeeding. The catch was a big plump fish. The boys marveled. They had never caught a fish that huge before.

John then said to his stunned friends. “I think the Good King is telling us that He wants us to start being ‘Fishers of Men’, like His faithful friends in the stories of the Holy Word were.”

“I think so too,” said Peter.

Paul heartily agreed. “I have the same impression also.”

The boys prayed by the river again and thanked the Good King for the fish that He helped them to catch. They also thanked Him for showing them that it was His will for them to “catch” the school for Him.

Karen stopped reading and tried to keep herself from crying.

“What’s wrong, sister?” Eddy asked in a compassionate tone.

“I think I know what happens in this story,” she said recalling her dream of the gunman and the teenage kids in a school building.

“What happens?” Sloppy Joe asked.

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” said Karen trying to not show her emotions. “But by the sounds of the introduction it looks like they are going to die. I don’t think I can read anymore.”

Eddy walked over to where the teenage girl was sitting and gently squeezed her shoulder. “Karen, that shouldn’t bother you. You know that when a person dies for the Good King that it will be all right in the end. Remember when we were in Merciville and you stood up against Man Mercy and his false teachings? He threatened to kill you and yet you kept right on sharing the Light of the Good King’s Truth with the dwellers of that land. Your faith was so big that it encouraged me to also stand up for the truth and to say no to that false Lightbearer. We were both threatened with death and yet we held on to His Majesty because we knew that we would be with Him when all is said and done.”

“I know Ed, but it’s so sad when people have to die for doing right. We were so blessed when His Majesty rescued us in that terrible place. Why can’t all Lightbearers be spared from death? Nobody wants to die.”

“The Master knows what is best,” said Eddy gently. “All we can do is trust Him because He knows the end from the beginning.”

Karen sniffed and then managed to crack a smile. “Thanks little buddy,” she said as he patted his small hand that was on her shoulder. “You have a lot of wisdom for a Small Faith Person.”

“That’s because I’m growing in my faith by the Good King’s grace,” said the little man beaming.

“Please read more of the story, Karen. I want to see what happens to those young kids.” Sloppy Joe urged.

Karen took a deep breath and read more of the story. Eddy stayed close to her side.


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