“Karen The Lightbearer: The Stolen Lantern” Part One

“Karen The Lightbearer: The Stolen Lantern”

By: Lightbearer4truth


In a run down trailer there lived three brothers who had names that they lived up to with a passion. Discord was the eldest and one of his favorite things to do was cause fights with his brothers, and with strangers when he had the chance. Dishonest, was deceitful, always making up a story or two to cover up his actions. And Distrust, who was the youngest of the three was very unreliable, he couldn’t be trusted with anything important or not important. These three men were disliked among many people because of their bad habits, but they didn’t care. They would rather not be liked by the public anyway. They hated people and thought that everyone (except them of course) were rude, deceitful, and untrustworthy. And they especially hated Believers. They thought that trusting in some unseen Good King was very stupid and childish, and to tell others to do the same thing sounded very rotten to them. Why encourage people to be just as foolish as they were? Trouble makers, that’s what the brothers thought these followers of the Good King were. They hoped that someday they would have an opportunity to cause problems for one of these fools. Little did they know that their opportunity was knocking on their door that very moment.

Knock! Knock! Discord went to answer the door and stepped back in shock when he opened it and saw a tall dark robed creature in front of him. “W-What do you want?” he asked trying to keep his voice from sounding surprised, which he was greatly. The creature spoke in a soothing voice and as he spoke, Discord thought it was creepy that his face was completely hidden by the hood that was over his head.

“I am in need of some help” he answered.

“What kind of help?” Discord asked still not believing what he was seeing.

“I need men who hate those who love the Good King. I have one individual in mind who must be stopped. She is one of the most devoted followers of this unseen God and she is causing much trouble.”

Discord’s eyes lit up. This is what they were waiting for! Opportunity has truly knocked on their door this day! He excitedly called his two brothers. “Dishonest, Distrust, come here quick! We are going to have the job that we have been dreaming about!”

The two rushed to where he and the mysterious stranger were. When they saw the tall creature they reacted the same way their big brother did, but calmed down when he spoke to them in his gentleman like voice.

When they were fully relaxed, Discord inquired of him, “Who is this person that we must stop?”

Using his dark powers the creature displayed a hologram in front of them. The picture showed a young teenage girl with long hair and a big smile on her face. In her hand was a golden lantern with a light that was shining brightly from it. “This is Karen The Lightbearer. In her hand is the Lantern that has the loathsome Light of the Good King’s Truth. Every time I try to do something to help people she always shows up and ruins my noble plans for humanity. Her power comes from the Lantern. If you three can somehow find a way to steal it she will be useless and unable to further spoil my plans.”

Dishonest spoke up. “No problem, sir! That lantern is as good as ours! We are experts at stealing things.”

“Don’t be too sure of yourselves,” said the creature in a cautionary tone, “This teenage girl has friends that you will have to deal with.” He displayed two more holograms next to the one with Karen. One was a picture of a jovial rotund man in sloppy clothes and the other was a young little man whose smile was just as big as Karen’s. “The fat one is Sloppy Joe, owner of a motel where the Lightbearer is staying for a bit; and the other is Edward Matthews The Small Faith Person, who is Karen’s close friend and also ready to learn how to be a Lightbearer like she is. He won’t be able to reach his goal if Karen’s Lantern is stolen, for lessons are in there that teach people how to be Lightbearers.” The being then made the pictures disappear with a wave of his hands. “I’m counting on you three to be successful in your mission.” Discord, Dishonest, and Distrust saluted the tall dark robed creature. They vowed to be faithful to their assignment and would not let their new boss down.

To Be Continued


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