“Karen The Lightbearer: The Straight Truth” Part Nine

“The Young Lightbearers’ Sacrifice” Part Two

At the high school library John, Paul, and Peter talked with Miss Williamson. As the elderly librarian listened to their request to use her library for after school hours she was all for the idea.

“Boys, I think Holy Word studies is just what this school needs. I’d be more than happy to be a part of this.”

John, Paul, and Peter cheered and gave each other high fives. Their prayers were being answered!

Miss Williamson then told them that she would let them use her library at 3:00 pm after school because that was when the library was closed for the day. They would be able to conduct the studies without fear of distracting others.

“Thank you very much, Miss Williamson,” said Peter shaking her hand. “Would you like to join us in our Holy Word studies when they start?”

The elderly woman grinned. “I would be more than happy to,” she said.

The next day after school John, Paul, and Peter started their first Holy Word study session. They used one of the long wooden tables in the library which was big enough to hold about twenty students. On that first day five students showed up along with Miss Williamson the Librarian. Though this number was small the three boys were not at all discouraged. They believed that eventually more of their fellow students would show up in the Good King’s good time. They also believed a verse from the Holy Word that said that if they were faithful in little things then His Majesty would put them in charge of many things. They were going to be faithful to their great and loving Master!

John Paul, and Peter started the Holy Word study. John prayed and asked that the Holy Spirit would be with them as they opened the sacred pages of the Holy Word; Peter sang an old hymn called “Trust and Obey”; and Paul led the lesson.

The students were blessed greatly by the things they were hearing. This was all so new and beautiful to them that it was like they had entered another world, a world that was filled with love and goodness for everyone. Even Miss Williamson was enjoying the lesson. The librarian was busily jotting down notes and looking up the mentioned texts in her Holy Word to see if what the kid was saying was so. She was a modern Berean.

When the first lesson was over, Paul gave the closing prayer and John and Peter sang the old hymn “More, More About Jesus.”

As the students filed out of the library Miss Williamson stayed behind to speak to the boys. “You three did a wonderful job! The Good King’s Holy Spirit is truly with you. I can see that He is going to make a big difference in this school through you. Praises to our God!”

The boys thanked her for her encouraging words. They were very happy that they were being used by the Good King to help others in their school.

“May you continue to be Lightbearers for His Holy Name!” she said to them as she made her way out of the library.

John gave a quizzical look. “What’s a Lightbearer?” he asked his friends.

“I don’t know,” said Peter.

“Neither do I,” said Paul, “But the title sure does sound nice.”

The Holy Word studies soon became the talk of the whole school. The lessons had been going on for three weeks now and each time the participants returned they always got something fresh from the sacred pages. More and more students started joining, along with some teachers. There were so many new participants that John, Peter, and Paul had to use two of the long tables in the library. The number was going up to forty five, which was the most that the boys had ever seen. They praised the Good King that so many souls were hungry for Him and His everlasting Truth.

The lessons soon covered a wide range of subjects, many of which the listeners wondered about such as: How the world began? Who’s the Good King? What’s a Believer? What does the future hold? Are the stories of the Holy Word true? and other things.

John, Peter, and Paul took turns in giving the lessons. They each had their unique way of doing it and the participants enjoyed learning the Holy Word from different perspectives. As a result of their faithfulness twenty five of the participants gave their hearts to the Good King and decided to live their lives for Him. One of them was a science teacher who firmly believed in evolution until he saw with the help of the Holy Spirit that the world was created by the Good King. He realized that His Majesty truly was God and made the firm decision to leave his evolution beliefs behind. He was glad to now be in service of the One who created him and gave His life for him so that he wouldn’t have to die forever.

For a whole month the Holy Word studies kept on going. Soon the library was packed with so many students and teachers that some of them had to sit on the floor. It was unbelievable!

Surely the Holy Spirit is moving upon the hearts of these people. Miss Williamson thought as she wondered at this display. This is truly the work of God.

“I wish we could show them what the Holy Word says in pictures,” said Paul to his companions as they got their little table ready up front. “It’s always nice to have illustrations when teaching the Holy Word.”

“Agreed,” said the two also wishing they had pictures they could use in their presentation.

As they placed their copies of the Holy Word on the table something strange happened. The three Books transformed into three golden Lanterns.

“What’s going on?” Peter asked shocked at what was going on.

“Why are our Books being turned into Lanterns?” Paul inquired aloud.

“Does it mean something? What does it mean?” John wondered in a surprised tone.

The old Librarian saw the change that went over the lads’ copies of the Holy Word. She also noticed the confused looks on their faces and left her seat to explain to them what just occurred:

“Boys, remember when I admonished you to be Lightbearers in the Good King’s Name?”

“Yeah,” said John, “We didn’t understand at all what you meant by calling us Lightbearers.”

Miss Williamson pointed them to the three shining Lanterns, “The Holy Word is like a lantern that glows in the dark and shows others the right way to go. The only difference is the Light from these Lanterns is eternal and pure, heavenly fire that is full of truth and righteousness. Those who behold this Light with opened hearts see the right way they should go, and they are also changed into new people who want to serve the Good King and leave this dark world behind.

“Those who bear the Holy Word are called Lightbearers because they share the Light of His Truth with others. You three are Lightbearers and many people are being blessed by the things you are sharing with them from the Holy Word. Do you understand now?”

John, Peter, and Paul were stunned at this knowledge. They were so young in age and faith and yet their God and King had called them to be Lightbearers where they were. They felt very blessed at this calling that was placed upon them.

“Are you ready to let the pure unchanging Truth shine again for these waiting people?” she asked them.

The three teenagers looked at the large crowd and smiled. “Let’s show them some more of His Majesty’s Truth!” said John to his friends.

During the lesson the boys were surprised at the things their Lanterns were revealing. Not only was it showing eternal unchanging words but it was also showing illustrations that went with the verses. They used a white screen on the wall to show these wonderful things to the participants. Light would flash from the Lanterns and the verses and pictures would change. It was almost like watching a slide show. The students and teachers enjoyed this very much.

When the lesson was over more of the participants accepted the Good King as their Lord and Savior. It seemed that the whole school would become Believers.

Then something very bad happened.

One Friday afternoon a wicked armed man broke into the school. When the janitor noticed him he asked who he was and what his business was there. The stranger didn’t answer and fired his gun at him. The janitor quickly ducked behind his cleaning supplies, barely missing the shot.

The stranger than walked down the hall.

The janitor crawled from behind his supplies and quickly pulled the alarm.

The people in the library began to panic. They knew that there was something bad wrong and the round of shots they heard down the hall made them realize they were in danger. Many of them started crying.

Peter tried to calm them. “Friends, the Good King is with us. He will see us through this.”

The people were still badly frightened.

“Friends, let’s pray and ask that His Majesty be with us during this very scary time,”  said Paul, who was starting to feel afraid himself.

Everyone in the library prayed.

And as they prayed Miss Williamson suddenly remembered something. “Behind the front wall is a secret passageway. We can use it to get out of here safely.” She then went to where the white screen was and moved it out of the way, then pushing hard with all the strength she had she revealed the secret passageway.

“Hurry! There’s not a moment to lose!” she exclaimed.

Everyone quickly huddled to the way of escape with the three boys comforting those who were scared and helping those who were crippled. They stayed behind to make sure that everyone was going out safely.

As the last person safely got out. John, Paul, and Peter picked up their Lanterns from the table and got ready to join their friends. That was when the armed man knocked the library door down with his boot and faced the lads with the gun pointing at them.

“Do you young folks still believe in your Good King now?” he asked them with a menacing smile on his face.

The three teenage boys became scared. There was no way of escape for them. If they ran they would be shot and if they told this man that they still believed in His Majesty they would be shot.

“I’ll tell you what boys,” said the man as he spat on the floor. “If you deny this God King and admit that what you’ve been teaching is false then I will let you go. I won’t harm you.”

John, Peter, and Paul looked at each other. They still had their whole life ahead of them. If they quit this lightbearing stuff their lives would be spared and they could go home to their families. But then they thought of the Good King and what He did for them so that they could live forever. He never denied their love for them, so why should they deny their love for Him.

With one voice they answered the intruder: “Yes we do!”

The wicked man growled. “Don’t you understand that I have been sent here by the ruler of this world to stop you? Don’t you see that I will shoot you if you don’t deny the Most High?”

“Yes, but our Lord is with us right now,” said Peter bravely.

“If He is with you then why is He letting you die at this very moment? Why isn’t He keeping me from getting ready to shoot you?”

“His Majesty is able to save us from you, but even if He doesn’t , we will not deny Him.”

The two agreed with John.

The armed man’s finger was on the trigger. “Then prepare to meet Him now stupid kids!”

“The Good King loves you!” they said together as the shots silenced their voices forever.

Karen wiped the tears from her eyes. “Wow! Those kids sure were brave!” she said as she tried to stop crying.

Tears were in Eddy’s eyes too. “Such devotion like that sure isn’t natural. It has to come from the Holy Spirit.”

Sloppy Joe loudly blew his nose on his handkerchief. “Kind of makes you wonder if that bad man was under the control of the Master of Darkness. I wonder if he felt remorse for what he did?”

Karen read the last part of this sad story:

The armed man was soon arrested by the police and taken to jail. The courage and love of the young Lightbearers disturbed him a lot. He couldn’t understand why they were willing to lay down their lives for something that was so different and strange to the world. This uneasiness drove him to read a copy of the Holy Word that was in his cell. As he read the Book his whole life started to change. He soon dropped his allegiance to the Master of Darkness and became a Believer of the Good King.

When the parents of John, Peter, and Paul heard what happened to them they were very sad and grieved their loss. Yet they were also proud of their sons for their heavenly devotion and they had the hope that they would see them again someday when the Good King returned.

At the high school no one forgot about the three teenage boys who led them to the Good King and to the Truth of His Holy Word. They were going to miss John, Peter, and Paul greatly and they thanked God for the witness of the young Lightbearers.

During a school meeting the faculty decided to keep on doing the Holy Word lessons and to make them available to the community. Since the library would be too small for this they all agreed to use the gymnasium. They would have the Holy Word lessons conducted every night at seven so that everyone outside could get a chance to join them. Some of those who became Believers during the witness of the three teenage boys wanted to lead the lessons in their place. Later on they also became Lightbearers and dedicated their lives to the Good King and the Light of His Truth.

Karen closed the book and placed it back on the shelf.

Sloppy Joe pondered the story. “That was truly amazing how those lads were willing to lay down their lives for the Good King and His Truth. Would to His Majesty that I had that kind of love and courage.”

“Yes,” said Karen, “And what’s also amazing is that every time something bad happens the Good King can turn it into good. He always wins in the end. John, Peter, and Paul will join the saved on that blessed day when Our Lord returns to take His children home.”

The three Believers then prayed. They thanked the Good King for the stories they read and for the things that they learned in them.

As they left the library Eddy spoke to Karen:

“Karen, I pray that we will leave a shining legacy behind us just like those in the stories.”

“Me too, little buddy, me too,” she answered.

The End


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