“Karen The Lightbearer And The Flashlightbearers” Part One

Disclaimer: This story is about using different translations of the Holy Word. I’m not against all translations of the sacred writ but I believe that we must be careful and pray for discernment on what versions are good to use for daily devotions and bible studies. The Holy Spirit will help us to see the difference between the true and the artificial in regards to the writings of the Holy Word.


“Karen The Lightbearer And The Flashlightbearers”

By: Lightbearer4truth


It was time for Karen and Eddy to bid farewell to Sloppy Joe. They thanked him for his hospitality in letting them stay in his comfortable motel and encouraged him to keep on following the Good King. Sloppy Joe was sad to see his friends go, but he knew that it was time for them to move on in their adventures in sharing the Light of the Good King’s Truth with those who were held captive by the Master of Darkness.

“Thank you for the things you have taught me during your stay. May His Majesty continually bless you on your Heaven-Appointed mission.” Sloppy Joe said to them as he handed them a basket, “Please take this as a token of my gratitude for showing me the Light of the Good King’s Truth.”

Karen and Eddy took the basket and looked inside of it. There was fruit, vegetables, and fresh bread that Sloppy Joe had baked. They thanked him for his gift and promised to come back and visit him someday.

Sloppy Joe was very happy to hear that. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing you two again.”

Karen and Eddy then walked down the Path and waved goodbye to their friend. Sloppy Joe waved back and then walked inside his motel. He was so happy that the Good King had blessed him with such good friends like Karen The Lightbearer and Eddy the Small Faith Person.

“Karen, I am so overflowing with joy!” said Eddy excitedly as he looked at the Lantern that he was holding in his little hands. “My very own Lantern full of the Light of the Good King’s Truth! Oh, blessed day when the Master gave it to me!”

Karen smiled at the happiness the little man was going through. She was there when the Messenger from Heaven stopped at the motel and gave Eddy the Lantern, saying that it was time for him to be a Lightbearer for His Majesty. Eddy was shocked and surprised at this opportunity because he felt that he wasn’t ready yet to receive this honor. He even told the friendly visitor from Heaven that he was still very timid in his heart and thought it best to wait until he was stronger in faith and courageous like all Lightbearers of the Good King. The being told him to not go by his feelings but to have complete trust in His Majesty. He also encouraged him by saying that his faith was growing and that if he decided to follow the Master in this calling it would continue to grow. Eddy believed these words and accepted the call that was placed upon him. When the Messenger From Heaven vanished Eddy reverently held the golden Lantern in his hands. As he stared at the pure Light that was burning inside of it he felt a deep love for others burn inside of him. He was now willing to brave dangers and trials for his dear Master and for the Light of His Truth.

“This Lantern is the best treasure in the world!” Eddy said to Karen as they kept walking on the Path.

Karen gazed down at her Lantern and answered, “Yes, and I pray that everyone we come into contact with will see just how valuable and precious the truths are that are contained in it.”

“Me too,” he said.

The Path soon led them to an old church. They walked up to the door and the door automatically opened for them. As they walked down the hall they heard songs of praise to the Good King being sung. They followed the singing and soon came into the Sanctuary. They quietly sat in the back pew and listened to the beautiful worship song. When the congregation was done singing the speaker came up to the pulpit and said a prayer. Karen and Eddy bowed their heads and listened as the speaker asked the Good King to bless the gathering and to also bless him in his preaching. When he ended the prayer he pulled out of his pocket a flashlight and walked down the steps to a table that was by the piano. He placed the flashlight on the table and pointed it to the wall behind him. When he turned it on light appeared along with words on the wall.

“Amen! Praise the Lord!” said the congregation.

The speaker then instructed them to pull out their flashlights.

Karen and Eddy watched as every man, woman, and child pulled out their own little flashlight from their pocket. They couldn’t understand what was going on here. They had never seen flashlights used in a church service before and they wondered what the purpose was behind it.

The speaker then told the congregation to turn on their flashlights. Soon the whole Sanctuary was filled with light and words.

Eddy whispered to Karen, “What’s with the flashlights?”

Karen shrugged. She didn’t know what to make of this.

The two listened as the speaker gave a message. During the sermon he showed words from his flashlight and everyone in the congregation followed along with their flashlights. When Karen and Eddy started to use their Lanterns to check the words that were being displayed from the flashlights the speaker quickly stopped preaching.

“Whoa! Whoa!” he exclaimed waving his hands. “Where is that bright light coming from?”

A mother and her kids who were seated in front of the two Lightbearers looked behind them. When they saw the Lanterns shining in all of their heavenly glory they were surprised.

“A Lantern? I haven’t seen those in years!” said the mother.

Everyone else gazed back from their pews in curiosity. Did someone really brought an old lantern into the Sanctuary?

The speaker gazed at the teenage girl and little man from where he was standing by the table. “Friends, can you please turn off that light? It is overpowering the light from our flashlights.”

“Sorry sir, but we can’t.” Eddy said to the speaker in a meek voice.

“Why not?” asked the speaker annoyed.

“Because it’s not our Light. We don’t have the option of turning it on and off like your flashlight.” Eddy answered.

The service was cancelled do to the intense bright Light and the speaker asked the two intruders to meet him in his study.

To Be Continued


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