“Karen The Lightbearer: The Spirit And The Flesh” Part One

“Karen The Lightbearer: The Spirit And The Flesh”

By: Lightbearer4truth


Karen was walking on the Path with the golden Lantern in her hand. She was ready to help another lost soul who was imprisoned in the Darkness of Deception. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. She had heard a voice speak to her in her mind. The voice spoke in a threatening tone:

“You may have the Good King as your Master, Karen The Lightbearer, but I will one day regain the throne of your heart. I will not be set aside forever!”

Karen dropped her Lantern and held her head in her hands. “Your Majesty, help me!” she prayed aloud.


Karen quickly woke up and breathed heavily. “Phew! What an awful dream!” she muttered. She then heard a squeaky voice singing close by. She turned her head and saw her loyal friend, Eddy The Small Faith Person picking some blackberries from a bush. Eddy noticed Karen:

“Good morning, sister!” he said cheerily, “did you sleep well?”

“Well, I just had dream that was very disturbing.” Karen answered.

“Oh, what was it?” he asked as he popped a big juicy blackberry into his mouth.

“I really don’t want to say, it might scare you,” said Karen.

Eddy gave a hearty laugh. “Dear sister, the Master has helped me overcome my many fears. By His strength I can handle what you dreamed about.”

“Okay,” said Karen reluctantly. “I dreamed that I was on my way to lead more people to the Light of the Good King’s Truth, and then this voice spoke to me. It sounded like my voice, only it was…I don’t know.”

“What did it say?” Eddy asked her.

“It said that it would be my master again, even though the Good King is now my Master. I couldn’t ignore the voice because it was in my mind. I cried out to His Majesty to help me and then the dream ended.

These details were very strange to Eddy. He wondered if it had a meaning or if it was just a normal nightmare? He looked at his friend; the teenage girl’s green eyes appeared to be wide with fear. Then he heard her say words that he never thought he’d hear her say:

“Ed, I’m scared.”

He was a surprised at this because Karen had braved through many dangers in serving the Good King as His Lightbearer. She even risked her life a couple of times in sharing the Light of His Truth with others. The one who had aided him in his doubts and fears was now in need of aide. He understood how she felt and he hoped that he could return the favor to her by his loving Master’s grace.

“Dear Karen, don’t worry,” he coaxed her, “I will help you just like you helped me. We’re in this together.”

Karen thanked him for his kindness. “You are a very caring Small Faith Person.”

“Your influence has been used by the Master to make me what I am,” said Eddy, “your kind heart has touched me greatly.”

Karen started to feel a little better. “I am what I am because of His Majesty,” she said.


The two Lightbearers started off on the Path again. Their Lanterns shined brightly and Eddy sang an old hymn that he learned in Small Faith. Karen sang along with him. The words of the song gave her troubled mind ease. The voice in her dream soon vanished from her memory.


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