“Ghosts And Spooky Spirits”, Doug Batchelor

Everywhere you go you see an interest in the supernatural. There are programs on television and movies about ghosts and the paranormal. The majority of people have an interest in these things. When a new film on this topic is out in theaters folks flock in droves to ingest it, filling their minds with fearful images of the spooky story.

Many people wonder if there really are ghosts out there that are waiting to haunt them. Some of them are so afraid of spirits that when they feel that they are being threatened by them they call experts that deal with the supernatural.

Are ghosts real? Do the spirits of the dead come back to cause mischief?

Pastor Doug Batchelor deals with this subject with answers from the Holy Word. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to be with you and to lead you into all Truth. Then get your Bible and join this Lightbearer on an exciting adventure in “Ghosts And Spooky Spirits!”


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