Being A Lightbearer In The Work Place

Do you know that where you work is a mission field? At your job you come across people who are sad and hurting, being pressed down by the cares of this life. Let me explain:

When you work with someone who is acting difficult you can know for sure that the poor soul is having a problem in his/her life. It’s hard to maintain a pleasant disposition at work when you are going through trials and most of the trials we have are outside of our work sphere: family issues, health issues, money issues, you name it.

And what about the boss that you dread to see when you have to report to him that something has gone wrong or you have to ask him an important question? Every time you walk into his office you can feel the stress in the air and you hope that he won’t be angry with you. (Not all bosses are like that, but those who are can be a challenge). Consider this for a moment: The boss has a HUGE responsibility on his hands. He is in charge of what goes on in the workplace and when something goes wrong the buck stops with him. He has a boss too and the idea of having to report mishaps to the one above him may put his stress level up. His burdens could be heavier than those of the employee.

So where does a Lightbearer fit into all of this? I’ll tell you how:

The people mentioned above need to know that there is a God who cares for them. They need to see Him in the lives of His people. When a disgruntled co-worker sees a fellow employee calm, patient, and understanding towards them it changes them. The change doesn’t come immediately but it happens. And when your boss sees that you don’t buckle under pressure in his presence it might change his mood. Your strength as well as your kindness in Jesus may help him see that there is a better way to handle things.

When you are a follower of Christ you are not only working to make a living but to lead others to Him through your example. God wants to bring everyone to His Kingdom, and that includes the difficult people that you must work with. His love has no favorites or restrictions. When you spend time with Him in reading His Word and in prayer His unshakable love reigns in your heart and you can’t help but share that love with others. That’s why it’s so important to have devotions every day, for if you don’t, you could end up giving into the stress and hardness of the workplace.

Remember that everyday you are a co-worker with Christ. Let His Spirit lead you day by day so that your light will shine brighter for His honor and glory.


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