“Karen The Lightbearer: The Spirit And The Flesh” Part Sixteen

Karen walked down the sidewalk toward Leisure Inn. She heard the crickets chirping and saw a bright yellow moon up in the sky. She was very happy because the Good King had graciously given her another chance in her heavenly calling and also forgave her sins. She hoped that her little buddy would be able to forgive her. She had hurt him greatly with the rebellion she was showing against His Majesty and His Kingdom. She hoped that even after all of this that they could put this behind and continue to be friends. She soon saw Leisure Inn up ahead and gave a deep breath.

“Here goes,” she said to herself as she walked up the steps and opened the door.

The inn keeper was asleep at his desk so Karen quietly walked past him and climbed up the stairs. As she walked up the steps she accepted the fact that maybe Eddy couldn’t forgive her. She had put him through so much pain and agony that maybe them being friends again would only make things worse. How would she feel if that was him that treated her like that? If Eddy the Small Faith Person couldn’t honestly forgive her then she would have to continue on her adventures without him. She would never forget him or his kindness toward her. Their friendship was truly a gift from Heaven, and she had ruined it with her worldliness.

When she reached the top step she walked down the hallway and found Eddy’s room. She gently knocked on the door.


Eddy was on his knees praying for his teenage friend. His Lantern was in front of him and he bathed himself in the warmth glow of the Light. Instead of giving into the temptation of reading the books that he wasn’t supposed to read, he had firmly decided to use his time in intercessory prayer. He would not lose faith that Karen would be rescued from her carnal nature and the Master of Darkness. He also refused to believe that she was going to suffer the eternal sleep at the end of time. The Good King would not let her die like that; He would do all within His power to save her!

He was just getting ready to end his prayer for the night when he heard a knock on his door. Eddy slowly got up from the floor and went to answer it. When he opened the door and saw Karen his blue eyes widened in wonder. She was still in her sparkly red dress and her hair was still neatly braided.

When he saw her tear stained face he became concerned. “Karen, are you okay?” he asked.

Karen grinned and blinked back more tears. “I’m fine Ed. I’ve never felt better in my life,” she answered.

Eddy invited her into his room. “Why do you say that?” he asked her.

Karen cleared her throat. “Eddy, I’ve treated you very badly during our stay in this city. I’ve done wrong by becoming a Worldling. I’ve wronged you and I’ve wronged His Majesty. He has forgiven me and showed me the terrible nature of my carnal self. He has defeated it and has placed more of His new nature within me. Dear Eddy, can you please forgive me for all the pain and suffering that I have caused you? If you can’t I understand. I will never forget you and your friendship toward me.”

Eddy started to cry.

Karen quickly embraced him. “No, Eddy. Don’t cry anymore, please. I’m so very sorry for everything.”

Eddy buried his face in Karen’s dress.

Karen gently ruffled his blond hair. “Poor little Eddy,” she whispered.

The Small Faith Person gazed up at her and Karen saw him smile. “Sister, I’ve prayed and prayed that you would come back to the Master. I feared that you were Lost forever but the Master kept His promises. He said that everything would turn out fine in the end, and it did by His wondrous love and grace. I’ve got my best friend back and my soul bursts in praise to His Name!”

“Then you forgive me?” Karen asked with hope in her voice.

“Oh, Karen, I forgive you with all of my heart!” said Eddy as he gave her a tight squeeze.

The teenage girl was very grateful. “Thank you, my brother,” she said.


Early the next day, Karen and Eddy were getting ready to leave Leisure Inn. The inn keeper tried to persuade them to stay a little longer because their week wasn’t up yet. They politely thanked him and said that they really had to get going. When the inn keeper mentioned how the mayor had paid for their stay they told him to tell the mayor that they thanked him for his hospitality.

The two Believers than walked out of Leisure Inn and waved goodbye to the stunned inn keeper, who waved back and mumbled, “Strange but nice folks.”

Karen and Eddy then walked down the Path. Eddy then handed Karen the Lantern that she a couple of days ago feared and despised. “A Lightbearer needs a Lantern,” he said grinning, “Welcome back, dearest friend.”

Karen held the heavenly object in reverence. “Never has the Light of the Good King’s Truth looked so beautiful to me. This marvelous Light is truly a part of my life.”

The Path led them to the grove. “I sure am glad to return to this peaceful spot,” said Karen. “This is where I repented of my sins.”

Eddy felt the green foliage with his hands. “The Good King told me about this place in one of my prayers. It is more lovely than I could have imagined. To think that we would have been saved from the trials we went through in the city if we had stayed on the Path. Praise the Master for giving us this place!” he said.

The two Lightbearers remained in the grove in prayer and absorbing the shining truths from the Holy Word. They knew that their Lord and King wanted them to witness to the citizens of Carnal City, for they were led to that place in the beginning. They wanted to do well as His Lightbearers in this new mission so they drew closer to Him, knowing that He was their Strength and Helper.

To Be Continued


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