“Karen The Lightbearer: A Light Shining In A Dark Place” Part Two

Back in the grove, Karen and Eddy were picking berries that grew on the bushes. When they gathered enough of the sweet treats they sat by a stream and ate them. When they were full they took some of the pure water flowing from the stream and drank it.

“Isn’t our Good King wonderful?” said Eddy, “He gave us this place where we can be refreshed both spiritually and physically.”

“I’m so glad that He forgave me and gave me another chance to be His Lightbearer.” Karen said recalling the goodness that her Lord showed to her. “I should have been left in my sins but He showed mercy on me and saved me.”

Eddy was happy about it too. Karen’s deliverance had showed him the power of prayer and he was thankful that the Good King had helped him to be faithful in his prayers, even when it seemed that no good was going to come from them. The painful experience had taught them two great lessons that all humans should know: the Good King’s mercy toward the rebellious, and the Good King’s almighty power in delivering people from their sins.

“I believed that you would come back, dearest friend. The Master gave me hope and I held on to it, knowing that He can’t lie,” he said as he gave her a hug. Then he remembered something: “Karen, did you read what I wrote on that little piece of paper?”

Karen slapped her head. “Oh, I’ve forgotten all about it!”

“Why don’t you read it now?” Eddy pressed her gently.

Karen became sad. She couldn’t read it because she had left it behind by accident. “I’m sorry Ed, I left it in the red dress that I wore to the party. I wish I’d remembered it.”

“Would you like me to tell you what was on it?” he asked her.

“Yes, please,” she said.

Eddy closed his eyes and recited what he wrote:

Dear Karen,

Though you have left the Good King, He is still with you. He loves you with a love that has existed before the foundation of the world. He will soften your heart and will help you to love Him once again. I pray that you will listen to His Spirit when He speaks to you in your mind. Please come back Karen. I want you to be in Heaven with me, where we will forever live with the Good King and praise His holy Name.

Your friend and brother,

Eddy the Small Faith Person.

Karen wiped her eyes. “That was very beautiful, little buddy. Thank you for not giving up in praying for me.”

“I love you too much to let the Master of Darkness have you in his grip. That fiend was not going to get away with your soul and cause you to be forever lost; because the Good King was praying for you as well. We prayed together for your deliverance.” Eddy said as he gave a big smile.

Karen pictured the Good King up in Heaven praying for her. She had read the verses about Him being a Great High Priest, who interceded for His people, but she didn’t think that He would pray for her when she no longer loved Him and wanted to stay away from His presence. Realizing this great love that was shown to her she whispered, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

As the sun went down that day the two Lightbearers went to sleep underneath the trees of the grove. While they were sleeping, the Good King spoke to them:

Karen, Eddy, you are now ready to go to Carnal City to tell the citizens there about Me and My Kingdom Of Heaven. When you get up tomorrow morning, you will leave this grove and start your assignment. Remember that I am with you and will help with whatever comes your way.

To Be Continued


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