My Utmost For His Highest: Vital Intercession

Praying for others is a wonderful experience. We end up seeing the persons we’re interceding for the way Christ sees them, and we also behold Him working in their lives. This devotion is about letting God have His way with those we are praying for. Meditate on the message carefully and prayerfully.

Vital Intercession


2 thoughts on “My Utmost For His Highest: Vital Intercession

    • Hello,
      I have read your series on intercession. I can see that you desire to not only talk the Christian life but to also walk it. And that you also want the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth on the subject of intercession. Praise Jesus!

      Here’s my perspective:

      Intercession is a gift from our wonderful God. In order to truly experience it we need to surrender our hearts to Jesus, so that He will pray for others through us. Without Him we can’t do it.

      I believe that as we draw closer to Jesus by praying and reading His Word, we will become like Him in our prayers.

      Here are some resources that have helped me with the subject of intercessory prayer. I would like to share them with you.

      This is an interesting take on the Day Of Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit.

      A beautiful chapter about prayer.

      May the Holy Spirit bless and guide you in your search.

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