Ask The Good King (Memory Verse Challenge: Matthew 7:7-8)

Boys and girls,

Do you know that the Good King promises to give you what you ask Him for? This is what He said in Matthew 7:7-8:

This picture is from

This picture is from “Animated Stories From The New Testament”, by “Living Scriptures.”

Do you have something that you want? Tell the Good King about it in prayer. He loves to listen to His children. And He will give you what you ask Him for. But remember this: He cares so much about you that He will not give you what is bad for you. So when you ask Him for something be sure to include “if it is okay with You” or “Your will be done.” Whatever will bless you and others He will gladly give. His Majesty knows what’s best!

As you memorize these verses this week, listen to the song below. It may help you understand the meaning of the verses.

Parents: The translation used in the video is from the International Children’s Bible.


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