“Karen The Lightbearer: A Light Shining In A Dark Place” Part Twenty

After staying in the hospital for a week, Kelly recovered fully from her gunshot wound. Quincy and Barbara were so grateful to the Good King that they thanked Him in their hearts over and over again for saving their daughter. They also thanked Karen and Eddy for their prayers. The Lightbearers modestly accepted their gratitude. Quincy then said to them:

“I must tell everyone of the kindness that the Good King has shown to me and my family. I also want them to know that you young ones are not what I thought you were. You came to us with an everlasting Message of love and hope, not to cause trouble. Thank you for shining in such a dark place like Carnal City.”

“We are always happy to serve His Majesty,” said Karen.

Quincy then removed his top hat from his head and placed it on his chest. “Karen, can you and Eddy forgive me for the things I’ve said and for what I almost done to you both?”

The teenage girl and the little man accepted his sincere and heartfelt apology.

His wife was concerned. “What did you almost do to them?” she asked.

“It’s a long story,” said Quincy, feeling uneasy at the fact that he may have to tell her.

“And it is all forgiven,” said Karen, “There’s no need to go back to it or bring it up. The Good King has taken your sin and thrown it in the sea (see Micah 7:19), which means that He doesn’t remember it at all.”

Barbara grinned. “Well, since the Good King has done that for my husband, then there is no reason for me to dig up the past.” She then walked over to Quincy (who was still holding his top hat to his chest) and kissed him on the cheek.


At the city square Quincy gave a speech on the goodness of the Good King. He told them how wrong he was to believe that the Good King and His servants were evil. He also admitted that he had been deceived by Juan T. Moore, who had claimed to be for him and for the city. He didn’t know what became of this fellow but he was glad that he wouldn’t see him again. Then he talked about Karen and Eddy. Since that very first day when they came to Carnal City, he knew that there was something unique about them. Now he understood why they were different and what they meant when they talked about Heaven. Their love and kindness were proof that they were citizens of a much better place. Their prayers and support made a difference for him and his family. Then Quincy looked up and thanked the Good King for showing such grace to him. After his prayer of thanksgiving he looked at the crowd and announced:

“As Mayor of Carnal City, I will uplift His Majesty’s Name and tell everyone here and abroad of His mighty works!”

The crowd applauded.

Karen, Eddy, and their friends said “Amen” in unison.


It was time once again for the two Lightbearers to leave. They said goodbye to all of their friends and encouraged them to draw closer to the Good King. Everyone was sad to see them go and they asked them to come back whenever they could. Karen and Eddy assured them that if they didn’t meet again on the earth, they would meet again in Heaven.


Wonderful things began to happen. Gabriel got his old job back as the Mayor’s Chauffeur. He also gave Holy Word studies during his days off to those who wanted to know about the Good King and His ways. Soon he himself became a Lightbearer and he faithfully shared the Light of His Majesty’s Truth throughout all of Carnal City.

Kelly, Abby, and Oswald participated in the Holy Word studies and got baptized. The mayor and his wife also took part in the lessons and got baptized as well. Soon more people got baptized until the number rose to 300. Such rejoicing there was in Heaven as more Lost Souls gave themselves to the Good King.

Gloria witnessed the great changes that took place in Carnal City. She had prayed for many years that something like this would happen, and now she was seeing it with her own eyes! She sat in her chair and thought about the events that had taken place. Even in the midst of pain and turmoil things had worked out for good. The Light of Truth had conquered the darkness that had settled on the city for so long. All because two young individuals would not give up until they had done what they were supposed to do.

Gloria closed her eyes and rested her head back on the chair. “Thank you for sending Karen and Eddy to help us,” she prayed.

“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”—–2 Corinthians 4:6 NKJV

The End



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