“Karen’s Progress” Part One

“Karen’s Progress”

By Lightbearer4truth


On the Narrow Path Karen and Eddy were walking side by side. In their hands they bore the Lanterns that were filled with the Light of the Good King’s Truth. This supernatural Light had preserved them from the Master of Darkness. If it wasn’t for the pure shining Truth they would have been destroyed by him. The Light also helped those whom they have come into contact with, by freeing them of the deceptions that had entangled them.  Karen and Eddy were daily grateful for this powerful weapon that was given to them. What was also wonderful about these Lanterns was that the Good King used them at certain times to reveal Himself. How awesome it was when those who gazed into the glass that contained the Holy Words saw the King of Heaven in His glory! This experience had brought repentance and conversion to those who had been imprisoned in deception and sin.

In every mission that Karen and Eddy had shared together they had learned that no matter what it looked like the Light would always prevail over the Darkness. And they, the humble instruments that were chosen, were playing a part in spreading the Truth to the World. This was a great honor to the two Lightbearers!

When the Path led them to a thick forest, Eddy suddenly stopped. He listened carefully and said quietly, “Karen, do you hear that?”

Karen listened hard. “Yeah, it sounds like something moving in the grass. I hope it’s not a wild animal.”

Eddy’s head began to sweat. “I hope not either. Last thing I want is to be food for a hungry beast.”

A horrible laugh came from afar.

The two stayed close together. Their hearts were beating fast. They felt so afraid.

Karen shook her fear off. “Let’s keep going. The Good King will protect us from whatever is here.”

She then gently took Eddy’s hand and together they continued walking. The forest had an ominous feeling to it. The trees blocked the sun, which caused the place to become very dark. Everywhere the Lightbearers looked they saw scary shadows moving. And the menacing laughter was getting louder.

Poor Eddy’s fears began to come back to him. He collapsed on the Path and curled himself into a little ball. Karen turned to her scared friend. “Eddy, are you okay? We must keep going or we may fall victim to whatever is watching us,” she said as she tried to help him to his feet.

The Small Faith Person couldn’t stand up. With a whimpering voice he said, “I can’t! I’m too afraid!”

A sound of wings was heard in the trees.

Karen tried to get Eddy’s mind off of his fears. “Brother, the Good King has given you His courage. You have shown bravery in standing up for His Majesty’s Name and in confronting the Master of Darkness. Don’t let this dire circumstance that we are in sap your Strong Faith. If you still feel scared read the Promises from your Lantern. They will give you the strength that you need.”

Eddy took Karen’s advice and read the Holy Words that were shining through his Lantern. Just as his courage was returning a tall creature flew at them. The two Lightbearers ducked, barely missing the sharp claws. The beast flew around and landed in front of them. He had wings like a dragon’s, feet like a bear’s. and a head like a lion’s. His body was covered with green scales.

Eddy remained on his knees and hugged his Lantern close to his chest. He closed his eyes shut and prayed that the hideous creature would vanish from their view.

Karen tried to remain calm. “Who and what are you?” she asked the monster.

The beast spoke in a voice that was all too familiar to the two Lightbearers. “I am your enemy, the Master of Darkness. And this is my new disguise. I figured that if I dressed myself as something very frightening that you will be too scared and give up.” He then gazed at Eddy, who was still whimpering and shaking. “I see that it has worked on your little friend. The courageous Small Faith Person is now back to being a blubbering coward. The Most High’s power is too weak compared to mine! He can’t even keep one of His servants from giving up in fear!”

Eddy gritted his teeth in anger. He stood on his feet and bravely faced the demon just like he did in the church when the fiend had invaded it a long time ago.

“I will NEVER give up! You have been defeated by the blood of the Master! You can appear in any way you want to, but your disguises will not deter me from doing the will of Heaven. Though I have given in to my fears, I will not stay there! I love my Master in Heaven too much!”

The Master of Darkness began to attack. Karen and Eddy used their Lanterns to defend themselves against him. The fight went on for a long time. In the middle of it the demon pounced on Karen, pinning her to the ground. He looked at her with his red eyes flashing through his lion’s face.

“Do you really think that the Most High is still with you, kid? Have you forgotten how you treated Him when you was so engrossed in the things of the World? You ignored Him and wanted to stop serving Him as His Lightbearer. How do you know that He has forgiven you of this sin?”

“I asked Him to forgive me and I know that He forgives those who seek pardon from Him.” Karen replied.

“Ah, but you still feel bad for it,” said the fiend. “If you are truly forgiven you would feel peace and relief. Don’t hide the fact, kid, for I can read your facial expressions.”

These words made Karen let her guard down. Memories of her sin came to her and they pushed away the consolation that the Good King had forgiven her. With her grip on the Promises of the Holy Word weakened, the Master of Darkness was able to hurt her. He picked her off of the ground and punched her with such force that she crashed into the trunk of a tree. The impact knocked her out.

Eddy saw what happened. Using his Lantern he aimed at the demon’s eyes causing him to howl in pain. He quickly flew away before the Truth could penetrate his dark brain.

Eddy then hurried over to Karen. “Sister! Say something! Please open your eyes!” he cried as he tried to wake her. But she was still unresponsive. Eddy stayed with her and prayed that she would be all right.

To Be Continued













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