“Karen’s Progress” Part Three

I wish I asked Mr. Evangelist about Eddy. I sure hope my dear friend is okay. Karen thought.

She then stopped in the middle of the Narrow Path and checked the scroll. The first place for her to go was called The City Of Destruction. Maybe she would find Eddy there. She continued walking on the Narrow Path and followed the directions from the scroll on how to reach the city.

The way was long but Karen passed the time by reciting verses from the Holy Word that she had memorized. Each Promise gave her joy because they guided her mind to think of the Good King and Heaven. Soon she reached The City Of Destruction. She entered in through the gates and saw people laughing and going about their business. The children were running around and playing. Karen searched the crowd for the Small Faith Person, but Eddy was no where to be seen. She started to ask the people if they knew the whereabouts of her friend. They all shook their heads and told her that they hadn’t seen him. She then asked the children and was greeted with the same response.

Well, obviously Eddy is not here. Karen speculated, Maybe he’s in the next place after this one. 

Then she heard a loud voice lamenting:

“Oh, woe is me! What shall I do to be saved?”

Over and over again the voice said those words. Karen felt bad for the person. Maybe she could offer him some encouragement from her Lantern. She followed the wailing voice. It led her to a field outside of the city. Karen saw a man standing in the field reading a book. On his back was a huge burden.

She walked up to the man. “Excuse me, sir,” she said politely.

The man kept looking into his book. He didn’t hear or notice her. “What shall I do to be saved?” he asked again.

Karen asked again. “Excuse me, sir.”

This time he heard her. He turned his head and tried to smile through his tear stained eyes. “Hello there, miss! What can I do for you?”

“I heard you lamenting and thought that maybe I could help you.” Karen answered. She then noticed the tears in his eyes. “Why are you so sad and downcast?” she asked him.

The man bowed his head and pointed to his book. “It says here that the City Of Destruction, which is my home, will be destroyed by fire. I and my family along with everyone else here will perish. Oh, if only there was a way to escape from this terrible fate! But alas, we are all sinners, hence we deserve this just punishment. Oh, woe is us! Oh, woe is me!”

Karen saw that this poor fellow was in desperate need of encouragement. She held up her Lantern so the weeping man could see it. “Sir, this Light has wonderful Promises that have aided me when I felt bad. Would you like me to share some with you?”

“Please do, miss,” the man urged in a sobbing voice.

Karen said a silent prayer and then encouraged him to look into the Lantern. Words of fire began to show through the glass. The words said, “Flee From The Wrath To Come!” (see Luke 3:7).

“Where do I flee to?” he asked Karen.

“Keep looking,” she pressed gently.

More words began to show in the Lantern:

“Enter Ye In At The Strait Gate!” (see Matthew 7:13).

“Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet, And A Light Unto My Path.” (see Psalm 119:105).

“What do these words mean, miss?” he asked.

“The only way to flee from the coming destruction is to go to the wicket gate. The book in your hand will show you the way. God’s Word will lead you to the place of safety.”

The man’s countenance changed from sorrow to happiness. “Oh, happy day! There is hope for a wretched soul like me! I must tell my wife and children! We will leave this place today!”

“What if they refuse to come with you?” Karen asked.

The man was confident. “They won’t refuse,” he said. “They’ll listen and will come with me.”

I sure hope they do. Karen thought.

She watched as he left the field and ran into the city. Karen decided to stay in case he needed further support. She walked through the field and sang a hymn while she waited. Soon he came back. But he was no longer joyful. Karen knew what happened.

“They decided to not come?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said sadly. “I don’t know what to do. I can’t leave them behind, can I?”

“It is best to obey what Prince Emmanuel says in His Word.” Karen responded.

“Who is Prince Emmanuel?” he asked.

“He’s the One who spoke to you through the book you were reading and also through my Lantern. He’s the God of Heaven who loves everyone in this World, even you, sir.” She then added, “I know it’s not easy to do what He says when your family doesn’t agree with it. But He promises that you will be rewarded if you obey. Your family will understand someday and they too will go to the place of safety.”

The man was greatly comforted by those words. “Thank you, miss. I will do what this Prince of Heaven wants me to do. Do you know where I can start?”

Karen pointed to the path that she had walked on. “Follow the Narrow Path, for it will lead you in the right direction. Take your book with you because you will need it along the way.”

“Thank you, miss,” he said smiling, “I am very grateful for your help.” He started to walk away when Karen stopped him.

“Wait, sir! Have you by chance seen a little man with blonde hair and blue eyes. His name is Eddy and I am trying to find him.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t,” said the man. “But if I do see him I’ll tell him that you are looking for him. What’s your name?”

“Karen The Lightbearer,” she answered.

“I am Graceless, and I thank you for your kindness, Lightbearer,” he said as he waved goodbye to her.

When he was gone, Karen stretched herself among the wheat and looked up at the clouds in the sky. She was glad that she was able to encourage Graceless. She closed her eyes and said a prayer for him and for his family. Then she waited to see if there was anything else she had to do before she could leave for the next place.

To Be Continued






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