“Karen’s Progress” Part Four

The clouds started to form and Karen watched them closely to see what kind of shape they would take. After a minute the clouds became the head of a lion. The cloud lion roared and opened its eyes. It then started to laugh:

“Foolish Lightbearer! Do you really think the Most High can use you in this time period? I will overcome you again just like I did before!”

Karen recognized it as the Master Of Darkness in his new disguise. Was the fiend here as well? She answered him:

“The Good King’s purpose will be fulfilled through me where I am. He still lives in me and you can not overcome Him, evil one.”

“What makes you so sure?” asked the cloud lion smirking.

“Because He says so in His Word!” said Karen steadfastly.

“But it also says that those who sin against Him are separated from Him. Shall I quote it to you, lowly human? It says, ‘But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear’ (Isaiah 59:2 KJV). You think that the Most High is still with you but according to this passage He is not. You have chased Him away!” said the cloud lion triumphantly.

“That verse only applies to those who have refused to ask for the Good King’s forgiveness. I confessed my sin before Him and He has forgiven me. He even told me Himself that I was pardoned.” Karen responded positively.

The cloud lion gave another laugh. “If what you say is true than what is that on your back?”

“Huh? There’s nothing on my back.” Karen said determined to not fall for one of his lies.

“Guess again, human!” said the cloud lion still laughing.

Karen stretched her arm to feel her back. “I tell you there’s no…” she stopped when her hand touched something. She moved her hand around to study it. “What’s this on my back!” she exclaimed horrified.

“A burden, my dear,” said the cloud lion mockingly. “And unlike the one that Graceless has, your’s can not be removed. The burden stays with those who have once tasted the goodness of the Most High and then left Him. It also says in the scriptures that you hold dear: ‘For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened… and have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, if they fall away, to renew them again unto repentance’ (See Hebrews 6:4-6 KJV).You are Lost, Karen The Lightbearer! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!” The cloud lion then faded away, leaving the clouds to what they were before.

“No! No! No!” said Karen over and over again. “I couldn’t have committed the unpardonable sin! This has to be a deception! Why would the Good King still have me as His Lightbearer if I am above all hope? Surely there is a better reason for this burden that’s on my back. This can’t be a sign that He has left me! Why didn’t I have this burden after I confessed my sin to Him? Why didn’t I have it when Eddy and I returned to Carnal City to lead the people to the Good King and His Kingdom? What about when His Majesty assured me that He forgave me when I cried at His feet in prayer?”

A horrible thought then came into her mind. You were so desperate for forgiveness that you may have imagined Him pardoning you. You refused to read the holy Words from your Lantern, and you also refused to listen Eddy when he tried to make you come to your senses. You were very bad. What makes you think that the Good King answered your prayer?

The burden began to feel heavy on Karen’s back. She hoped that she wasn’t really Lost, but how could she be sure. The verses that the Master of Darkness quoted to her were true. What if she really had chased her Lord and King away? If the Holy Spirit was no longer in her then she was truly separated from Heaven.

The thought of no longer having a relationship with the Good King was more than she could bear.

“Please, Your Majesty, don’t let this be!” she prayed.

She heard footsteps coming toward her. It was Evangelist!

“Why are you still here? You should be on your way to the next destination by now.” he said. “And what is that burden on your back?”

Karen told him about the Master of Darkness and what he said to her.

Evangelist listened and then asked, “You know he is a liar, right?”

“Yes, Mr. Evangelist, I know,” she said, “but what am I supposed to do when he quotes from the Holy Word? Those verses were true.”

“He can misquote them to mean something else? Have you checked out those verses in their proper context?”

“No, sir, I haven’t. I guess I was too discouraged to even think about doing that.” Karen said ashamed of herself.

Evangelist didn’t want the burden on her back to get worse so he carefully picked the words that could help her out of her doubtful feelings.

“Karen, I know you haven’t committed the unpardonable sin. Your desire to serve Prince Emmanuel hasn’t gone away, for if it did you wouldn’t have accepted the assignment that He has given you. And you care a lot about Him. Those who commit the unpardonable sin don’t care at all. You’re still His Friend and Lightbearer.”

The burden on Karen’s back began to feel a little light.

“Karen, on your way to your next destination read those verses in their entire context. Let the Holy Spirit show you what they truly mean. You are not above His Majesty’s grace. There is still hope for you just like there is still hope for Graceless.” Evangelist encouraged her.

Karen then asked, “Sir, is there a way I can be free of this burden?”

“You’ll have to go to the hill where the cross is.” Evangelist answered.

“How do I find it?” she asked.

“Keep following the Narrow Path and you will get to it,” said Evangelist.

Karen then left the field with Evangelist behind her. When she placed her feet on the Narrow Path again she thanked him and then said goodbye.

“May Prince Emmanuel be with you, young servant of Heaven!” he called to her as he watched her walk away.

To Be Continued




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