“Karen’s Progress” Part Seven

When they reached the House of the Interpreter, Karen knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said a friendly voice.

Karen and Pride entered the home and saw a well-dressed gentleman with a candle in his hand. “I have been waiting for you dear ones,” he said to them, “for I have many things to teach you. Come with me.”

The two teenage girls followed him. Pride slowly walked behind Karen because she was ashamed of her dirty face and dress. I wish I was able to clean myself up before entering this nice place. She thought to herself.

Reading her mind the Interpreter said to Pride, “Don’t fall back because you are dirty. I am here to help all, no matter what their condition is. Come inside, I have many things to teach you.”

When Pride saw how much she was welcomed in his home the shame she had felt went away. She began to keep up her pace with Karen and the Interpreter.

The host then showed them things that were beautiful and inspiring. Each lesson had a Truth from the Holy Word. They learned about the power of Prince Emmanuel’s grace, which was able to clean hearts from all sin and wickedness. Next they learned about the power of the Holy Spirit in continually changing the receptive heart to be more like Prince Emmanuel’s. They saw that nothing could stop Him from doing His work, not even the devil and his minions.

“These teachings are wonderful, Mr. Interpreter,” Karen said to him when the lessons were over. “We are very grateful to learn these eternal Truths.”

“It is my pleasure,” he said, pleased that they had listened well. “Anything for the glory of Prince Emmanuel.”

“You must really love Him,” said Kelly.

The Interpreter smiled at what she said. “Yes, I do love Him. And more than that, I’m a part of Him and His Father. We work together to help lost humans.” He then turned to Karen, “You must know who I am,” he said gently.

Karen’s eyes widened in amazement. “Oh, Mr. Interpreter, You are the Holy Spirit! The third member of the Godhead.”

The Interpreter smiled. “You have answered correctly, Lightbearer.”

Knowing that she was in the presence of God she asked Him beseechingly, “Lord, I have this burden on my back. Can You remove it for me?”

“I cannot remove it, child. Only Prince Emmanuel can do that. You will find Him on the cross on the hill. If you believe in His love for you, your burden will be gone forever.” The Interpreter answered.

“I didn’t know you had a burden,” said Pride as she went over to Karen to look at it. “I figured that it was a pack with things for the journey.”

“It’s a burden that was placed on me when I believed the words of the Master of Darkness. It is the shame of a grievous sin that I have committed in the past.” Karen said to her. “It doesn’t hurt so much now, but I will be glad when it is removed from me.”

“The Light of Truth in your Lantern is sustaining you so that the burden doesn’t crush you. Keep on cherishing the Promises because they are life to your whole being.” The Interpreter advised Karen.

Pride then touched her muddy dress and asked the Interpreter, “Can the Good King clean my dress too? I feel that the filth is affecting both my dress and my soul.”

“Yes, He can. When you arrive at the cross on the hill and see Him, believe in His love for you and He will make you clean, even whiter than snow.”

“Thank you, Mr. Interpreter,” said Pride.

After spending a while with the Interpreter at His house it was soon time for the Lightbearer and her companion to leave. Karen was sad that Eddy wasn’t in the house, which made her ask the Interpreter about him.

“Lord, You know all things, nothing is hidden from You. Can you please tell me where Eddy the Small Faith Person is? He’s my best friend.”

The Interpreter tenderly placed His hands on her shoulders and said, “Karen, don’t be afraid, keep on believing. You will find him at the right time. Prince Emmanuel is in control of the situation. Trust Him.”

“I will, Lord,” she said.

To Be Continued




















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