“Karen’s Progress” Part Eight

The next destination on the scroll was House Beautiful. On the way they saw a grassy hill with a cross on it. They reverently went up and gazed at the One who was hanging there for their sins. Seeing her King suffer so that she could have eternal life made Karen bow to the ground in deep reverence. Being reminded of how much she was loved touched her soul greatly. She looked up at His bleeding face and prayed:

“Your Majesty, forgive me for not believing in Your forgiveness. You died for all of my sins, including the one that I’ve unconsciously held on to. Please take this burden. I don’t want to bear it anymore.”

When she finished her prayer she felt her burden fall off from her back. Pride watched as it tumbled down the hill and disappeared.

Pride didn’t see her friend’s burden roll away. She was gazing intently at her Saviour and was amazed that He was willing to go through all the pain and agony for her. She too bowed before Him and wept. The love that Prince Emmanuel had for her was filling her up that she couldn’t retain her emotions.

“Lord, please take my heart and make it into the kind of heart you want it to be. Cleanse me of my many sins.” she sobbed.

Prince Emmanuel heard her prayer. When Pride got up she saw that her dress was fully clean. The filth from the Slough Of Despond was gone. With tears still running down her face she praised her King for what He did for her.

Karen heard Pride and got up from the ground. Noticing that she no longer felt burdened she placed her hand on her back. When she realized that her burden was gone she jumped up and down in joy. Now she was able to believe that she was totally forgiven of her past. She joined Pride in singing praises. They were both so grateful to Prince Emmanuel. When they couldn’t sing anymore they both gazed up at the cross again.

“I will never look back on it again. It will be left here at the cross.” she vowed to God and to herself.

“I feel like a whole new person,” Pride said as she brushed the tears from her eyes.

Karen hugged her. “His Majesty’s grace is a measureless gift,” she said.

They then left the hill with their experience fresh in their minds and hearts.


They walked on the Narrow Path again but then came to a sudden stop when they saw a small figure lying on the side of the Path.

“Who’s that?” Pride asked.

Karen rushed to the individual. She saw that it was a little man. Could it be…could it possibly be?

The individual had blonde hair and was dressed in a suit with buckled shoes on his feet. His hat was next to him.

“Eddy!” Karen gasped.

The little man’s eyes were closed.

Karen gently shook him. “Eddy, are you all right?” she asked him.

The little man fluttered his eyes and rubbed his head. “Ow! That hurts!” he groaned. He then saw the teenage girl by his side. “Oh, hello there, who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

Karen was surprised that he didn’t recognize her. Maybe the bump on his head made him forgetful. “Eddy, it’s me, Karen The Lightbearer. I have searched for you and have found you! Praise the Good King!”

The little man didn’t understand at all what she was saying. “I’m sorry, miss, but I don’t know you. And my name is Little Faith. Who is this Eddy that you are looking for?”

Karen broke down. Would she ever find him?

Little Faith quickly handed her a handkerchief. “Awww, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry that I disappointed you,” he said apologetically.

Karen dabbed her eyes with the handkerchief. “It’s not your fault, sir. I just long to find him before something bad happens.”

Pride went over and tried to comfort Karen.

Little Faith wanted to do something to make up for unintentionally hurting the poor girl’s feelings. “Miss Karen, would you like me to come with you? Maybe I can help you find this Eddy fellow that you care so much about.”

“That’s very kind of you,” said Karen smiling as her tears began to dry. “I could use another friend on this adventure.”

So Little Faith joined Karen and Pride. He was very friendly and humorous like Eddy that Karen couldn’t believe that it wasn’t really him.

“Why were you knocked out back there?” Pride asked him.

“It’s a very long and sad story, dear,” he said.

“Please tell us, we have the time,” said Karen.

Little Faith began to tell his story:

“I am a very timid fellow who wants to reach the Celestial City. I left my home in Sincere and started on my pilgrimage. I followed this Narrow Path and then became tired so I rested at a spot not knowing that I was putting myself in danger. Moments later I awoke to a sight of three hideous creatures staring at me. I became scared and asked them what they wanted. ‘We want you!’ they said to me. I told them that they couldn’t have me because I belonged to Prince Emmanuel. They turned angry when I said those words. They knew that they were not allowed to capture me so they did what they could do: they beat me. I would have died right there if it wasn’t for a deep voice that scared them away. I fell to the ground and as I closed my eyes I felt strong hands carefully lift me up.

The next thing I knew I was being shaken by a lantern-bearing young lady. And after that you know the rest.”

“I’m glad you’re okay, Little Faith,” said Karen relieved. “Do you know who those three brutes were?”

“No, but they were monsters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were demons sent by Apollyon.” Little Faith then shivered when he mentioned that name.

“Who’s Apollyon?” the teenage girls inquired in unison.

“The ruler of this World. He has other names too, like Dragon and Serpent.” Little Faith explained.

“I know this foe,” said Karen. “Eddy and I have fought him many times. He calls himself the Master Of Darkness, which matches him well because he is nothing by darkness.”

“I hope we never run into him,” said Pride. “I don’t have the courage to confront a monster or a demon.”

“But Prince Emmanuel will be with us if we do,” said Karen. “We won’t be harmed by him because our King is mightier than then this dark prince” (see John 12:3).

Little Faith was impressed. “You have great faith, Karen.”

To Be Continued.








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