“Karen’s Progress” Part Nine

Karen and her friends saw a castle in the distance. That must be House Beautiful! They joyfully ran to it and then froze when they heard the roaring of lions. The ferocious sounds scared them very much. They felt that if she came nearer they would become food for the beasts.

“M-Maybe we should turn back.” Little Faith suggested.

Pride was totally against the idea. “No, we must go forward. To turn back would bring dire consequences for us all.”

Little Faith then asked Karen, “What do you think, Lightbearer? Should we keep on going and risk being lion fodder or turn back with our lives?” His eyes implored for her to go with his suggestion. Surely she wouldn’t think it wise for them to keep on going.

Karen knew what was the right thing to do. She prayed that the trembling little man would see that persevering, even in the face of death was the right thing to do. “I believe that we should keep on following the Narrow Path. Prince Emmanuel wants us to enter House Beautiful and we mustn’t turn back in disobedience to Him.”

Tears filled Little Faith’s eyes. “But we will surely die! I don’t want to be eaten by lions!” he cried.

“I doubt that His Majesty will let us die before we finish the journey. And if we do, what difference does it make? We will be alive again in His Kingdom.” Pride said as she comforted the weeping soul.

Karen’s Lantern began to glow brightly. She gazed into it and smiled. “Have no fear, Little Faith. Look what Prince Emmanuel has promised us.”

Little Faith gazed into the Lantern. He saw these words in fire:

“Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” Isaiah 41:10 KJV

Little Faith’s eyes were still filled with tears. He then prayed softly, “Your Majesty, I believe, please help my unbelief” (See Mark 9:24).

“That is a prayer He will surely answer,” said Karen encouragingly. “Believers don’t have to give in to fear because their God is always with them.”

The three friends then kept on going. The roaring got louder in their ears. They felt apprehensive but they held on to the wonderful Promise that Prince Emmanuel gave them for this very scary time.

When they reached the front of the castle they saw three lions growling and roaring at them.

The sight of these hungry beasts made the travelers sweat. Poor Little Faith’s head was so damp that he removed his hat and started to fan himself with it.

“How are we going to get past them?” Pride asked.

Karen didn’t know how they were going to reach the entrance of the castle. Just then she heard a voice coming from the castle:

“Do not fear the lions! They are chained. They are there to turn back those who have no faith. Stay in the middle of the path, and you will not be harmed.”

Karen, Pride, and Little Faith crept past the lions as they were told. It was a very frightening ordeal for them, but by Prince Emmanuel’s grace they made it through and entered House Beautiful.

“I am Watchful, the porter,” said the one that guided them through the danger, “this house was built by His Majesty. It is for the rest and safety of weary pilgrims. You three are welcome.” He then introduced them to his three daughters, Prudence, Piety, and Charity. They were so beautiful that Little Faith felt bashful among them. But when they spoke to him, asking him about himself and where he came from, his shyness went away. The sisters were very courteous and kind. Karen enjoyed their friendship a lot. During their discourses she showed them her Lantern and explained to them how it was the Holy Word of Prince Emmanuel. They passed the Lantern around and a Promise appeared through it for each one of them.

Piety gave the Lantern back to Karen. “This is a priceless treasure. Keep it safe from Apollyon and his devilish minions, for he will want to take it away from you. The Light Of Truth is a powerful weapon that he can’t stand.”

“With Prince Emmanuel’s help I will keep it safe.” Karen assured her.

A couple of hours later, Watchful came to them with food. They then ate the delicious food and talked some more. It was a joyful fellowship. When the meal was over Prudence then spoke seriously to the Believers:

“We must get you prepared before you leave us. The hosts of Hell will make things difficult for you as you journey on to reach the Celestial City.”

Her sisters agreed.

“I think it is time to take them to the fitting room,” said Charity.

“Come with us,” said Piety.

Karen, Pride, and Little Faith followed them. In the fitting room the three sisters put special suits of armor on them. Little Faith giggled as they attached a small suit of armor on his body.

“Careful! I’m very ticklish!” he chuckled.

His laughter made everyone else laugh.

When Karen, Pride, and Little Faith were fully clothed in the armor the sisters said to them:

“His Majesty made these weapons: the Sword Of The Spirit, The Shield Of Faith, The Helmet Of Salvation, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Belt Of Truth, and The Shoes Of The Gospel Of Peace. These weapons are eternal, nothing can wear them out. Use them for your protection against any evil you meet on your way.”

Karen and her friends then left House Beautiful.

To Be Continued







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