“Karen’s Progress” Part Ten

The Narrow Path led the three friends through a spooky wood. Karen tried to read what was on her scroll but it was so dark that she couldn’t make out what their next destination was.

“I really hate this wood. It’s making me very afraid!” said Pride.

“M-M-Me too!” Little Faith squeaked.

Karen held her Lantern out in front of her. “Your Majesty, show us the way with the Light of Your Truth,” she prayed.

The Light from the Lantern glowed around them. The warmth and beauty of the holy fire made them feel safe and secure in the wood. They knew that Prince Emmanuel was still with them and that He would not let them down.

As they kept on walking they heard a noise in the trees. They looked up and saw nothing. Then they heard it again, followed by an evil laugh. Karen put her scroll in her pocket and unleashed her Sword.

When Pride and Little Faith saw the Lightbearer prepare herself for battle, they pulled out their Swords. Little Faith tried to steady his trembling hand that bore the weapon. He was not ready for this!

“Trust in Prince Emmanuel, Little Faith.” Pride whispered to him. “He will save us from whatever it is.”

“Ok-k-k-k-kay,” he stammered.

Then something flew past them at an amazing speed. The sudden whoosh knocked them over. They turned to see what it was and saw something very dreadful. A huge monster was standing on the Narrow Path looking maliciously at them. The monster was covered with scales. He had wings like a dragon’s, feet like a bear’s, and a head like a lion’s.

It’s the Master of Darkness in the same form that he used to fight Eddy and I! Karen thought.

Fire and smoke escaped from the beast’s mouth as it spoke, “I am Apollyon. Where do you three come from and where are you going?”

“We go to to find the Celestial City,” said Pride, her voice trembling. This creature was very frightening to behold.

“You can’t leave my kingdom!” said Apollyon in a fit of rage. I am the prince and god of this World. I forbid you to go further! You are my servants!”

Little Faith, though near fainting at the sight of Apollyon, found the courage to speak:

“We serve another Prince now, evil one! And we will not go back to our old ways!”

“And I am here to help them and to do what Prince Emmanuel wants,” said Karen.

The monster then noticed the Lantern in the teenage girl’s hand. “Tell you what, Karen. I’ll let you and your friends leave this place alive if you give me your Lantern. Surrender the Truth to me!”

“No!” said Karen keeping her prized treasure away from the fiend.

“Don’t you want to see your little buddy, Eddy the Small Faith Person again?” Apollyon asked her as he made a blue sphere appear before her. She looked into it and saw Eddy praying earnestly to the Good King, asking Him to be with her and to reunite them somehow. “What a shame it would be if his prayers couldn’t be answered. He wants very much to see you again. To talk to you and to embrace you. What good is a Lantern if it separates close friends?” said Apollyon as he made the blue sphere vanish before her eyes.

Pride and Little Faith watched worriedly. They prayed that Karen would make the right choice in this hard decision.

“Will you give me your Lantern for Eddy’s sake?” he asked her in a sweet tone of voice.

Karen held her Lantern tightly. “I want very much to see Eddy again. And I know that he wants very much to see me again too.”

Apollyon gave a wide smile. “I knew you would listen to reason,” he said holding out his scaly clawed hand to receive the Lantern.

“But I can’t give up the Truth for him or for anyone else. Eddy would want me to keep holding on to this Lantern, even if it separates us. We love Prince Emmanuel and He will reunite us someday, here or in Heaven. I will never surrender this treasure to you, Master of Darkness!” Karen said courageously.

“Praise His Majesty!” said Pride clapping.

“Hallelujah Thine the glory!” Little Faith cheered as he did a little dance.

Apollyon shook his fist. “Then you and your friends will die here! Prepare to perish, Lightbearer!” he screamed.

To Be Continued.




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