“Karen’s Progress” Part Eleven

Apollyon began to throw fiery darts at the Believers. Karen, Pride, and Little Faith stopped the flaming weapons with their Shields.

“Be vigilant!” Karen encouraged them. “Don’t let your guard down!”

Apollyon gave a low growl. Karen was strong because of her tight hold on Prince Emmanuel. With her fighting him and helping her friends, he knew that he would lose the battle. What could he do to put her out of the way? He studied his opponents carefully. Which one of the two could he use to destroy Karen? Pride was becoming very skillful with the Shield and Sword, but Little Faith on the other hand, was trembling so hard that he dropped his Sword more than once. Appollyon chuckled in amusement at his inability to hold on tightly to his heavenly weapon.

“Let’s increase that fear of his a little more,” he said to himself as he made scary noises sound around Little Faith.

Little Faith quickly turned when he heard the sounds of demonic laughing around where he was. He couldn’t see anything but the noise was ringing in his ears. What’s going on!? Oh, I am so scared! he thought fearfully. His mind was full to the brim with apprehension. Where were those awful sounds coming from? His wild imagination began to picture demons with their hands out stretched to get him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He dropped his Sword and Shield, then cried out in a pathetic voice: “Help! Help me!”

Karen turned and saw Little Faith kneeling and hugging himself on the ground. She quickly ran to his aid. With her back now turned, Apollyon took his chance and threw a fireball at her.

Pride saw the fiery mass coming toward her friend. “Karen, watch out!” she screamed.

It was too late. The fireball struck her in the back. Karen howled in pain and fell down in front of Little Faith, who watched in stunned silence. “Karen!” he finally gasped.

Apollyon laughed triumphantly, “How fitting that the Lightbearer gets burned! Ha ha ha ha!”

“You monster!” cried Pride as she ran toward him with her Sword and Shield.

Apollyon got a fireball ready for her. He threw it but Pride placed her Shield in front of her and the fireball went out when it touched the heavenly weapon. She then prayed aloud to Prince Emmanuel. The prayer made the beast feel powerless. He tried to attack her but his powers didn’t work. Realizing that he was no match for Prince Emmanuel he flew off in a rage.

Pride then ran over to check on Karen. The Lightbearer’s back was bleeding and her face was scrunched up in pain. Her bonnet was off, revealing her long black hair.

Little Faith sobbed. “This is my fault! If I wasn’t so afraid and trusted in Prince Emmanuel, Karen would never have gotten hurt. Now she’ll die because of me!” He then removed his hat and covered his face with it. As he wept hard he heard Pride speak to him:

“Prince Emmanuel is with Karen. He won’t let her go until her time comes, and I don’t think it has arrived yet.”

“I wish I had died at the hands of those fiends that beat me up. I’m nothing but a burden!” Little Faith cried, his voice muffled by his hat.

“Don’t say such words! Prince Emmanuel saved your life for a reason. He has a plan for you,” said Pride.

“How could a coward make a difference in His plan? I’ll just be in everyone’s way and unwittingly hurt others with my fears!” Little Faith wailed.

Karen heard the discussion between the two. “Little Faith…” she said feeling her strength returning to her, “please don’t blame yourself anymore. Everything is going to be all right.”

Little Faith peeked from his hat and saw that Karen’s back had stopped bleeding. “Karen, you’re healed!” he exclaimed in joy.

Pride jumped up and down. “Prince Emmanuel has healed you from the wound that the monster gave you!”

Karen sat upright and faced her friends. “Let’s keep on going!” she said to them.

Pride and Little Faith embraced her. The Lightbearer was not burned yet!

To Be Continued






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