“Karen’s Progress” Part Twelve

Little Faith and Pride were surprised at Karen’s quick recovery. She walked and talked with them as if nothing had happened to her. They were so glad to still have her and the Light of Prince Emmanuel’s Truth with them on their journey.

Karen was glad to have such good friends by her side on her mission. She looked forward to introducing them to Eddy when they finally found him. Little Faith looked so much like him that if they were side by side they would be twins, with their clothes being the only difference between them.

“You did the right thing when you didn’t give Apollyon your Lantern, Karen,” said Pride. “Even though he promised that he would reunite you with your friend, Eddy, you stood firm and refused. Knowing how much you miss him, why didn’t you give into the temptation?”

Karen answered her, “I couldn’t trade the Truth for anyone or anything. Prince Emmanuel said in His Word that we must love Him supremely, even more than family and friends. He is the Light of Truth that is in this Lantern. I won’t give Him up, not even for dear Eddy.”

“What if we don’t find him?” Little Faith asked.

Karen smiled. “We will,” she said to him, “The Interpreter assured me that I will be reunited with him. He can’t be wrong because He’s the Holy Spirit. I believe His words.”

“Amen,” said Little Faith.


They traveled on the Narrow Path. Karen looked into her scroll and saw that the Delectable Mountains were their next destination.

“The Delicious-what?” Little Faith inquired when Karen read to them what the place was called.

Pride giggled at his mispronunciation. “It’s The Delectable Mountains,” she corrected him. “A beautiful place filled with shepherds and sheep.”

“Have you been there?” Karen asked her.

Pride shook her head. “No, but I have heard stories about it. People say that when you reach the Delectable Mountains you are very close to the Celestial City.”

Little Faith’s small face brightened. “That must mean that our journey is almost over. We are going home! Hooray!”

Karen’s heart raced with joy. Thank you, Your Majesty, that the mission you have given me is almost over. Thank you for keeping my friends and I in Your everlasting care. she prayed.

The Believers then heard a noise like thunder. They looked up at the sky and saw dark clouds forming.

“I think it’s going to rain,” said Little Faith.

Lightening streaked across the sky.

“We better find shelter,” said Karen.

The rain started to come down.

Karen, Pride, and Little Faith ran to find a refuge from the storm. They saw a bank under a large rock and hurried to it. They crawled under the rock and huddled together. The rain was coming down hard and the wind was blowing against the trees. They were in a very bad storm.

“Praise Heaven that it’s dry underneath this rock!” said Pride.

“And that the Light of Truth can keep us warm,” said Karen as she placed her Lantern in front of them. “We should do fine here till this storm is over.”

They then sang some songs around the heavenly glow. After singing ten hymns about Prince Emmanuel and His Kingdom they became drowsy and fell asleep.

To Be Continued.




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