“Karen’s Progress” Part Fifteen

“Well, my friends,” said Karen as she closed up her scroll. “We are nearing our last destination. The scroll says that when we reach Beulah Land we must cross a river to reach the Celestial City.”

“So our journey is coming to an end. We are going Home,” said Pride.

“Oh! My little heart is beating with such excitement!” said Little Faith placing his hand on his chest. “Just think! The three of us are going to dwell in that fair city! Oh, what joy we shall have there!”

“And there will be no Apollyon to tempt or terrify us. We will be forever secure from all evil.” Pride added.

Karen imagined what the Celestial City would be like. She pictured her and her little buddy, Eddy the Small Faith Person running through the green grass, laughing and singing. They would do so much together in their forever Home. What treasures they would discover! And they would be with their greatest Treasure of all: the Good King, Prince Emmanuel!


Moments later, Evangelist came to them on the Narrow Path. “Greetings, travelers!” he said.

“Hello Evangelist!” said the three together.

The pilgrim then gazed at Pride and Little Faith. “I see that you two have grown in your relationship with Prince Emmanuel since you started on your journey. How does it feel knowing that you are almost at the end of it?”

“It feels wonderful,” said Little Faith. “To be with Prince Emmanuel is what we desire above all else. I’m glad that He desires for us to live with Him in His Kingdom. It’s a great honor bestowed upon anyone.”

Evangelist then asked Pride, “How do you feel about it, dear?”

“I rejoice that my Lord has called me from my temporary home to live in one that is eternal,” she replied. “I was once a very prideful person, wanting my own way and seeking my own pleasure; but His Majesty has changed me so that I can enter His Kingdom, for I know that a prideful nature cannot be a part of the Celestial City. I’m touched that He and His angels are waiting to greet one such as I.”

“Amen!” said Evangelist. Then he went over to Karen. “You have done well, Lightbearer. You held onto the Light of Truth and also used it to benefit others. Prince Emmanuel is very pleased with you, friend.” he said to her.

Karen’s eyes moistened at this commemoration. “I’m always willing to serve my Lord and King,” she said. Then she asked him, “Sir, is it time for me also to enter the Celestial City?”

“No, Karen. Prince Emmanuel has other assignments for you to do after this one. When your work as a Lightbearer is done, you will dwell in His Kingdom along with the rest of the redeemed.” Evangelist answered.

Pride and Little Faith were disappointed.

“You mean the one who has helped us along the way can’t join us? And we are going to have to say goodbye?” said Pride in shock.

“I hate saying goodbye,” said Little Faith trying to fight back tears.

Karen went over to comfort her friends. “It’s all right. We’ll see each other again in His Majesty’s good time.”

“But we will miss you, Karen!” said Pride as she started to cry. “You have done so much for us!”

Little Faith began to cry as well.

Karen embraced her new friends. “I will miss you too. This mission has been a blessing with you two by my side.”

“Karen,” Little Faith began, “I’m so sorry for what happened when Apollyon attacked us. Please forgive me.”

Karen gave the little man a kiss on the cheek. “I forgive you. Everything is all right.”

Little Faith rubbed his cheek and smiled. “Thank you, Lightbearer.”

Evangelist then spoke up: “Karen will be with you until it is time for you to cross the river to the Celestial City. When you have reached the heavenly shore she will depart to continue on Prince Emmanuel’s service.”

This news made the three happy. They had a little time left to be together.

Evangelist then bade farewell to them. “May Prince Emmanuel continue to be with you!” he said as he turned and walked down the Narrow Path.

To Be Continued





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