Heaven’s Hostages: Can the Saved Be Lost? | Inside Report Magazine | Amazing Facts

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we become a part of God’s family. We have the assurance of a place among the rest of the redeemed in Heaven. And it doesn’t matter what we do because we are eternally secure. We can still do sinful things and be saved because nothing can stop us from being a child of God.

Whoa! Wait a minute! Let’s look at the last two sentences again. Can we really, I mean, really still have the assurance of going to Heaven when we keep on doing the things that God says not to do?

Yes, there are times when Lightbearers slip and fall into sin. That is normal, but when they do sin they ask Jesus to forgive them and to help them not do it again. But what about those who call themselves Lightbearers and delight in doing wrong; those who want to go to Heaven with their cherished sin? Will God let them in because one day they came forward during an altar call?

Here’s an article from “Amazing Facts’ Inside Report Magazine” about this issue. Before you click on it, get your Bible out and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. Ask God to search your heart so that you may know where you stand in your relationship with Jesus.


Source: Heaven’s Hostages: Can the Saved Be Lost? | Inside Report Magazine | Amazing Facts



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