“Karen’s Progress” Part Seventeen

She saw Eddy hugging her and crying. She then noticed that she was laying on the ground clad in her ordinary clothes. The seventeenth century garb that she was wearing was gone. Eddy didn’t notice that Karen was awake. His head was buried in her chest and as he cried he said over and over, “My dear friend! My dear sister!”

Karen slowly lifted up her head and kissed him on the forehead. Eddy stopped crying for a moment and looked up. He saw Karen smiling at him. “Hi, little buddy!” she said.

Eddy was overjoyed. “Karen! You’re alive!” he exclaimed as he hugged her tightly. “I thought I had lost you after the fight we had with the Master of Darkness. I’m so glad that the Good King was with you and healed you!”

Karen slowly got up from the ground. She looked down at her feet and saw the same familiar sneakers that she always wore. “I’m going to miss those buckles.” she said, chuckling to herself.

Eddy gave her a funny look. “Buckles?” he inquired.

“Yeah, I was on this journey with two Believers and I was wearing a dress, bonnet, and buckle shoes. The Good King assigned me to help them reach the Celestial City. On the way I thought of you and couldn’t wait to see you again. Then when we reached our final destination, Apollyon tried to kill me but the Good King saved me. And now He has sent me back in my own time, where I have found you!” Karen was so happy that she felt like she could dance.

Eddy smiled kindly at her. “Karen, that sounds like quite a dream you had.”

“Oh, but it wasn’t a dream!” she said. “It was real! The Good King sent me to the seventeenth century to be His Lightbearer. I wish you could have been there, Eddy. It was a very interesting time.”

Eddy wanted to jog her memory so that she wouldn’t be disillusioned. He then asked her, “Do you remember the latest fight we had with the Master of Darkness?”

Karen remembered. “Oh, yes. He attacked us here in these woods. I recall that he threw me and I found myself in a different time and place. He was also there in the same form that he used to fight us, and called himself Apollyon.” She then rubbed the back of her head. “Ow! Why is my head hurting?”

“You bumped your head, Karen. The Master of Darkness threw you against the tree. You hit it so hard that you were knocked out. For two days you have been laying on the ground unconscious. I stayed by your side and prayed that His Majesty would somehow awake you.” Eddy explained. “I feared that you had…” he couldn’t bring himself to say the word.

“So everything that had happened to me was all a dream. Wow!” said Karen amazed. “I sure learned a lot from it.”

“Can you tell me a little bit about your dream?” Eddy asked deeply interested.

“Well, there was this girl called Pride and a little man named Little Faith (who looked a lot like you). They and everyone else were dressed like those in the 1600s. There was also this man called Graceless who had a burden on his back and then left his home to find a way to relieve himself of his heavy load. Almost everyone I had met looked like those that we had seen during our adventures as Lightbearers. Then there was the Interpreter…” As Karen went on with the details of her dream, Eddy didn’t say a word. It was like a story he had read before. When Karen finished her account, Eddy spoke:

“Your dream reminds me of a book called Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan. It was about a man named Graceless (like the one in your dream) who went on a journey to be free from his burden and to reach the Celestial City. He encountered lions, giants, and other creatures that tried to stop him. You should check out that book someday.”

Karen thought it was fascinating that what she had dreamed was based on a book. When she got the opportunity she would check it out. “I sure will.” she said to her friend.


Author’s Note: Now it is your turn. Will you take Eddy the Small Faith Person’s advice and check out the book for yourself?


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