My Utmost For His Highest: What Is A Missionary?

A missionary is a person sent by God to teach His Word and share His love. When a Lightbearer finds success in the place he/she was sent to, God should always get the credit. Without Him there would be no success in the mission work.


2 thoughts on “My Utmost For His Highest: What Is A Missionary?

  1. Amen! We need to be available for God’s use Daily. It is so vey important to stay focused on His Word and share the willingness to spread the Gospel message😊
    We need to remember to pray for our missionaries 🙏🏻
    My purpose of starting this blog site was to encourage others in Christ. I’m new by about two weeks. I want to invite you to check out by blogs, and if interested please follow me back. I think that it’s important to support each other’s efforts on here as well, and encourage others to keep up the great work for Him. I find the blogs to be very helpful😊❤️
    Have a great day and you keep up your efforts too😬🎈

    • Amen. I appreciate your comments and your site. They are an encouragement to me. I’ve decided from the beginning to partner with Jesus on my site, so that all the praise can go to Him. Thank you again for commenting. Have a wonderful day in the Good King, Jesus!

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