Six Steps On How To Memorize Scripture Daily

I have been doing a challenge that is really turning out to be quite a blessing for me. What is it? It’s memorizing scripture. Every day I pull out a card that has a verse or verses from the Bible and commit it to memory. I take the card with me and look at it as often as I can throughout the day. Eventually the words stay in my mind and I end up able to quote them and know where they are in the Bible. It’s very refreshing and enjoyable for the spirit. But the best part is when I hide God’s Word in my heart I feel His presence with me, which gives me peace.

Memorizing really is not impossible. We easily memorize our favorite songs and TV programs, so we can take time to memorize things that are of importance (God’s Word is more important than anything because it is true and has what we need to help us live our lives rightly). With His Word in our hearts we shine brighter for Him and feel great peace.

Are you tired of feeling lonely or fearful in this troubled world? Why not consider doing your own daily challenge of memorizing a verse or verses from the Bible? Here are some steps that can help you get started:

  1. Have a set of Bible Scripture Cards. You can purchase these cards through a Christian Bookstore or any outlet that sells religious material.
  2.  Pick one card from the set and read it. Think about what it means and ask God in prayer to expand your mind so you can understand better what it says.
  3. Take the card with you wherever you go. Read it as often as you can and memorize it sentence by sentence.
  4. When the day is done and you are going to retire for the night, review the card and then try to memorize it without looking at it. I have found that doing this two to three times is very beneficial for me before I sleep.
  5. In the morning, see if you can remember the verse or verses that you worked on yesterday. If you can’t remember it don’t be discouraged, just keep on reviewing and memorizing the card until it is stuck in your mind. Once you have that memorized you can move on to the next one.
  6. When you pull out the next card repeat the steps again.

As you commit yourself to hiding God’s Word in your heat be prepared to experience intense peace and joy in His presence. The memory verses will be of benefit to you in both good and bad days (especially the bad days). And your mind will be so focused on Jesus that you will love Him more than anything.





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