“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part One

“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue”

By: Lightbearer4truth

“And that is what’s going to happen when the Good King returns to take His children home,” said Sloppy Joe as he concluded the meeting in his motel. “It’s going to be an amazing sight! Let us pray that we will be ready so that we can live with Him in His Kingdom of Heaven forever.”

Everyone in the meeting bowed their heads as Sloppy Joe prayed:

“Lord, we have seen what will happen to those who will not be ready at Your appearing. We pray that we will be ready so that we may live in Your sight through all eternity. We ask that You will reach out to those who are of this Word so that they will be a part of Your family. In Your Name we ask, Amen.”

When the crowd left to go back to their homes Concord, Honest, and Trust helped Sloppy Joe put everything away that was used for the meeting. The brothers took care of the chairs and tables while the motel owner took care of the computer that was used to show pictures for the Holy Word study.

When they were done they sat down for some hot chocolate and doughnuts. They talked about the lesson that was presented and also what they heard on the news during the day.

“It seems that His Majesty could come at any minute,” said Honest. “The whole World is in more turmoil than it ever was before. Everything that He said in His Word is coming true. So much distress and heartache going on.”

“But on the bright side we got people like Karen and Eddy who are sharing the Light of Truth with others. I’ve heard that many people are accepting the Good King through their outreach. Why, I’ve recently read in the papers that the citizens of Carnal City, including the Mayor have become Believers. It’s a miracle that a city like that would repent and change their ways.” Sloppy Joe replied.

Concord was awed. “Surely the Holy Spirit is with them. I felt His presence when I had Karen’s Lantern after we took it. I sure am grateful that the Good King saved me and my brothers from the Master of Darkness when we were working for him. He truly is a very merciful God!”

“Yes, He truly is,” said Sloppy Joe.

When the doughnuts and hot chocolate were all gone, the brothers got up from their seats. “We better be going home,” said Concord. “It’s getting late and we have work to do in the morning. Thank you for letting us help out with the meetings, Sloppy.”

“You’re very welcome,” said the motel owner as he went to get their coats from the closet. “Thank you for your help. You will come back tomorrow night to hear my testimony, won’t you?”

“We wouldn’t miss it for anything!” said Trust.

The brothers put their coats on and walked out the door. Sloppy Joe waved goodbye to them and grinned. Thank you, Your Majesty, for giving me friends like Concord, Honest, and Trust. Continue to bless them in the new life you gave them. I ask this in Your Name, Amen.


The brothers got into their car and drove off. They were tired and couldn’t wait to crawl into their beds. When they turned down the road to where their house was they saw something that took the sleepiness away from their eyes.

Honest pointed to a large group walking down the side walk with flashlights and pitchforks. The people looked very angry. “What’s going on over there?” he inquired surprised.

Trust saw a big sign that the crowd was carrying, which read in big red letters: THOSE WHO FOLLOW AN INVISIBLE GOD MUST BE PUNISHED!

Trust swallowed hard. Who are these people? Why are they against Believers?

Concord, who was behind the wheel, also saw the crowd and the sign. He wanted to know what was going on, but he knew that by the way the people were acting that it wouldn’t be wise to ask them what all the commotion was about. They could get hurt by this mad mob!

“Shouldn’t we find out what’s going on?” Honest asked his big brother.

Concord answered him, “It would be dangerous for us to go up to them. Let’s park this car close by in a place where they won’t notice us.” He then saw a parking lot with cars and drove into it. Then he stopped the car and pulled his window down. Then all three of them listened intently as the crowd walked past where they were.

“That Believer will pay for the things he said! Imagine, telling us that this World is going to come to an end and that some invisible King is going to reign it! What he said is total treason against our way of life!”

“We must teach him a lesson. He may be kind and generous, but those good qualities don’t make up for the things he said.”

“Let’s set his motel on fire with him in it! I would love to see that man roast!”

“He will truly live up to his name because he will be pieces of cooked Sloppy Joe! Ha ha ha ha!”

Trust nearly screamed at the crowd to not do such a wicked thing to their friend. But he quickly stopped himself. If the crowd found them, they would recognize them as friends of Sloppy Joe and would probably do horrible things to them. They wouldn’t be able to help their friend if they got caught.

“We got to do something!” he whispered to his brothers.

Concord and Honest agreed. They were not going to let anything bad happen to their friend.

“Let’s go warn him!” said Concord as he got ready to drive out of the parking lot.

“Wait! Listen!” said Honest. “It looks like someone from the crowd is going to say something.”

The brothers watched and listened closely.

“No! I got a better idea! Let’s capture him! Then when the Believers see what happens to him in our grasp, they will give up following the Invisible God and spreading all that stuff about Him.”

The crowd agreed that doing that was a way better idea.

Concord heard enough. He quickly drove the car out of the parking lot and sped back to Sloppy Joe’s motel. They had to reach him before the angry mob did.

To Be Continued.









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