“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Two

Sloppy Joe sat back in his chair with his feet propped up on the desk. He thought about the meetings and the people who had come forward to accept the Good King.

“I wish Karen and Eddy could have seen all those happy faces,” he said to himself. “It would truly make them joyful to see how the Light of the Good King’s Truth is making a difference in this neighborhood. I hope they are well and safe wherever they are.”

He closed his eyes and was starting to go to sleep when a loud rapid knocking woke him up. He got up from his chair and went over to the door. He then heard familiar voices calling his name:

“Sloppy! It’s us!”

“Open the door quick!”

“There’s something we must tell you!”

Sloppy Joe quickly opened the door and was amazed to see Concord, Honest, and Trust rush in.

“Fellas, what’s going on?” he asked bewildered as he closed the door. “You look like you’ve been scared out of your willy wits!”

“We are and you should be too!” said Trust.

“Why, what happened?” Sloppy Joe asked.

“Sloppy, you’re in danger! There’s this big group of people who’s coming this way to capture you! They are angry because of the things you said. They’re going to get you and do awful things to you!” said Concord.

“You must get out of here before they come!” said Trust.

“Yes, we’ll help you get out of here safely,” said Honest. “If we go now we can get to the car without them seeing us.”

Sloppy Joe was reluctant to leave. “But what about tomorrow night’s meeting? People are going to come here to learn about the Good King’s grace. I can’t abandon that.”

The three brothers grabbed his arms. “Please! We don’t have much time! Let’s get out now before…” Trust didn’t finish his sentence for at that moment the door was swung open and in came the crowd with their flashlights, pitchforks, and big sign.

Sloppy Joe calmly walked up to the maddened throng. “Hello ladies and gentleman, is there anything I can do for you?” He then looked up at the big sign and smiled nervously. “Um, what is it that you have against Believers?” he asked humbly.

A man with a black bandanna answered him, “We don’t like Believers because of their pushiness!”

“Pushiness?” Sloppy Joe asked confused.

“Yes, pushiness!” the black bandanna man went on, “All your talks about forsaking pleasure and passion just so we can be ready for some fake King is against our code. Who do you think you are to tell us to leave our joys and desires behind!”

The people then shouted in anger.

Sloppy Joe waved his hands. “Friends, please! Let me say something!”

The crowd stopped shouting.

Sloppy Joe then took a deep breath and spoke, “I believe that soon life on this earth will be over. So many bad things have been happening lately: floods, earthquakes, famine, wars; everything that our Lord said in His Holy Word is coming true. I’m only encouraging you with the aid of the Holy Spirit to consider where you are and make the decision to be ready for the Good King’s Second Coming. I believe that He is real and I pray that you will believe in Him before it is forever too late.”

The crowd shouted and booed at him.

Honest whispered to Concord. “This is not going to end well, brother.”

The black bandanna man turned to face the crowd. “Well what do you think?”

“GET HIM!” they screamed.

“No! Leave him alone!” cried the brothers as they tried to block the advancing crowd.

“Get them too!” the black bandanna man shouted.

Without putting up a fight (for it would have been useless) Sloppy Joe and the brothers were grabbed by four strong men.

“Let us go!” Sloppy Joe cried.

Trust closed his eyes and prayed for the Good King to save them from the crowd. As he continued praying he heard the man holding him cry out in pain.

“Oh, my chest is hurting! Someone help me!” he released his grip on Trust and the younger brother ran away.

Some men from the crowd were going to pursue him but their leader stopped them. “Let him go! We got who we came for.”

As the large group of people led their captives out of the motel, Trust watched them from behind the building. Sloppy Joe and his brothers were in big trouble! He had to do something to help them! Maybe he could find Karen and Eddy and ask them for their help. He had to try.

To Be Continued




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