“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Three

Dear Lord, I must find Karen and Eddy. I don’t know how to start looking for them. They could be anywhere in this big World. Please help me here.

A bright beam of light came down from the night sky and shone on a rugged narrow path. Trust saw the light and the path. Could this be an answer to his prayer?

“Well, I got nothing to lose,” said Trust as he went to the narrow path. When he set his feet on it he marveled at how different it looked from the other paths that he had seen in his life. Then he hurried down it to find Karen and Eddy.


The crowd dragged Sloppy Joe and Trust’s brothers into an abandoned building. They took them to what was once a break room and forced the Believers to sit down. Sloppy Joe, Concord, and Honest quietly sat down in the folding chairs. As they were tied down with ropes they didn’t fight back but remained calm and peaceful. When they were secured to their seats the man with the black bandanna walked up to them.

“This is where you will be spending the night. I hope you will find our accommodations comfortable.”

“The chairs are a bit hard, sir,” said Sloppy Joe trying to move in his seat but the ropes wouldn’t let him.

The black bandanna man laughed. “Well, you’ll have to get used to it because this is the comfort that all Believers deserve to get!” Then he said in a serious tone, “Tomorrow, we will deal with you in ways that will make your skin crawl.”

“What will you do to us?” Honest asked nervously.

The black bandanna man went over to him and gave a wicked smile. “Have no fear, you and your brother will not suffer as much as the fat fool who started this.”

Sloppy Joe didn’t appreciate being called a “fat fool”,  but he held his tongue and silently prayed for the strength to resist the urge to be angry. The Good King drew close to him through His Spirit and the motel owner felt His presence, which made him forget the cruel insult.

“Now we will leave you three to sleep in your chairs,” said the black bandanna man as he and the crowd walked toward the door. “Don’t bother screaming for help because we will be close by and will gag your mouths if we hear a sound come out of you. Good night!” The door closed on its squeaky hinges. Sloppy Joe, Concord, and Honest were alone.

“All we can do now is pray and trust in the Good King,” said Concord as he tried to not think of the things that the crowd might have planned for them the next day.

“I hope our little brother is okay out there,” said Honest. “And I hope he’ll be able to find help.”

Sloppy Joe turned his head toward his friends. “Don’t worry, Honest. The Good King is with him and He will lead him to those who can help us out of this mess.”


The light from the sky helped Trust to see as he ran on the Path. He had been on it for a while now and he was starting to hurt from running so long. However, he willed himself to keep on going. He couldn’t let his brothers and Sloppy Joe down. As the Path kept on going with no sign of Karen and Eddy, Trust felt that he should pray for the Good King’s guidance again. It would do him some good to stop for a bit because he was getting out of breath and his chest felt like it could explode. He dropped to his knees on the Path and prayed:

“Lord, I’ve been on this Path and haven’t found the two Lightbearers yet. I’m so tired but I can’t stop. I must find them tonight! Please help me to be successful in my search.”

He then got up and looked ahead. Two lights were shining brightly in the distance. Trust ran to them. Could they be the Lanterns that the Lightbearers carried? He hoped against hope that they were.


Karen and Eddy were standing on the Path shining their Lanterns. They had a strong impression from the Holy Spirit to wait. They didn’t know what the reason was, but they knew that their God knew what He was doing. He had never made a mistake or misled them in their lives.

Just then Karen saw someone coming towards them on the Path. “Eddy! There’s a person coming this way!”

Eddy looked and when the stranger got closer he quickly recognized him. “Karen, it’s one of the brothers that I ran into a long time ago!”

When Trust reached them the light from the sky that guided him all the way disappeared. Exhausted, he fell face down in front of the Lightbearers.

Karen quickly gave him one of their bottled waters. “Here, drink this.” she encouraged.

Trust sat up and drank the water. When he was done he thanked her for her kindness. Then he got up and said:

“Praise the Good King that I have found you! I need your help!”

“Why? What has happened?” Eddy asked.

Trust explained:

“My brothers and Sloppy Joe have been captured by an angry group of people. A large crowd that hates Believers. Please come and help me save them!”

Karen and Eddy had recently heard of crowds springing up in different parts of the World to silence those who dared to speak for the Good King and His Kingdom. The Master of Darkness was working really hard to stop the Believers from sharing the Truth with others. Now he was after Sloppy Joe and this gentleman’s brothers. Knowing that it was the Good King’s will for them to go and help their friends, they told Trust that they would go with him.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Trust grateful that they were willing to help him.

As the sun began to rise to start a new day the three hurried to start their rescue mission.

To Be Continued


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