Two Exciting Books About The End Times!

I have read these books and have found them to be both exciting and a blessing in my Christian life. If you would like something that is different from the “Left Behind” series, or if you have read the series and would like something better; then I would recommend “The Edge Of Eternity”, by Elaine Egbert and “The Appearing”, by Penny Estes Wheeler.



Description: Three Christians and a news anchorman find themselves in the midst of the trouble and turmoil of the last days. Will the Christians remain faithful to Jesus in spite of the deceptions and persecutions that are coming their way? Will the news anchorman finally decide to join them in standing up for the truth even if it means losing his popularity among his viewers?



Description: The persecuted followers of “The Way” await the second coming of Christ as the world around them is rapidly destroyed by rampant disease and hatred.


Even though the end-times (or as I like to call them, “the very last days”) will be very scary we can have the assurance that Jesus will be with us and that He will strengthen us with His Holy Spirit.




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