Bible Adventures: “The Make-Believe Christian”

Hello kids!

There’s someone who is joining the ministry of the Apostles. Let’s go back to the New Testament times and see what he is like.

It’s not enough to just know about God, you need to know Him like you know your friends. Don’t be a make-believe Christian like Simon the magician was!

Activity: Would you like to know God as your Friend? Check out this website below for fun and lessons on knowing God.

Parents, you may want to join them in checking out this website in this adventure in knowing God.

Prayer: Ask God to help you to know Him as your Friend.



Faith’s Checkbook: Promise Of Future Meeting

July 30

Promise of Future Meeting

“I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice.”  John 16:22

Surely He will come a second time, and then, when He sees us and we see Him, there will be rejoicings indeed. Oh, for that joyous return! But this promise is being daily fulfilled in another sense. Our gracious LORD has many “agains” in His dealings with us. He gave us pardon, and He sees us again and repeats the absolving word as fresh sins cause us grief. He has revealed to us our acceptance before God, and when our faith in that blessing grows a little dim, He comes to us again and again and says, “Peace be unto you,” and our hearts are glad.

Beloved, all our past mercies are tokens of future mercies. If Jesus has been with us, He will see us again. Look upon no former favor as a dead and buried thing, to be mourned over; but regard it as a seed sown, which will grow, and push its head up from the dust, and cry, “I will see you again.” Are the times dark because Jesus is not with us as He used to be? Let us pluck up courage; for He will not be long away. His feet are as those of a roe or young hart, and they will soon bring Him to us. Wherefore let us begin to be joyous, since He saith to us even now, “I will see you again.”

Faith’s Checkbook: He Routs Our Enemy

July 29

He Routs Our Enemy

“He hath cast out thine enemy.” Zephaniah 3:15

What a casting out was that! Satan has lost his throne in our nature even as he lost his seat in heaven. Our LORD Jesus has destroyed the enemy’s reigning power over us. He may worry us, but he cannot claim us as his own. His bonds are no longer upon our spirits: the Son has made us free, and we are free indeed.

Still is the archenemy the accuser of the brethren; but even from this position our LORD has driven him. Our Advocate silences our accuser. The LORD rebukes our enemies and pleads the causes of our soul, so that no harm comes of all the devil’s revilings.

As a tempter, the evil spirit still assails us and insinuates himself into our minds; but thence also is he cast out as to his former preeminence. He wriggles about like a serpent, but he cannot rule like a sovereign. He hurls in blasphemous thoughts when he has opportunity; but what a relief it is when he is told to be quiet and is made to slink off like a whipped cur! LORD, do this for any who are at this time worried and wearied by his barkings. Cast out their enemy, and be Thou glorious in their eyes. Thou hast cast him down; LORD, cast him out. Oh, that Thou wouldst banish him from the world!

Book Review For “Radical Protection”, by Derek Morris

This book shows that we are all in a spiritual warfare. Whether you are a worldy person or a faithful Lightbearer for the Good King, Satan will try to get you with his snares. Derek Morris shares stories from people with real experiences on how this is true. However, the stories are not meant to scare anyone, because in the midst of the attacks the people have found that Jesus is stronger and more powerful than all the demons of hell. They learned to put on the Lord’s Armor that’s mentioned in Ephesians chapter 6. And they also learned how “praying without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) brings them closer to God, which in turn chases the evil spirits away.

If you long to learn how to put on the full armor of God and how to pray more effectively for yourself and for your family, then check out this book and discover the “Radical Protection” that can be yours today!