Bible Adventures: “Brotherly Love?”

Hello kids!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Bible Adventure. But today we are going on another one. We are going to visit two brothers named Cain and Abel. So let’s once again go back into the Bible times and see what they were like.

Sacrificing a little lamb would be hard wouldn’t it? Even though it sounds bad it was to show people back then what the Good King would go through when He would come to this earth. He was like a perfect little lamb who died so that we could be perfect too. And since He is alive again He can help us to love our brothers and sisters, even when they sometimes get on our nerves.

Activity: Here’s a very nice song about not only loving your brother and sister but everyone in your life.

Prayer: Thank Jesus for becoming your perfect Lamb. Ask Him to help you to love others and to not be angry with them.


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