“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Seven

“What are you doing here!” shouted the two tough looking men as they advanced toward the Believers.

The size of them made Karen and her friends a little nervous. They looked like the type that would beat up anyone, even an old woman.

“Let’s make a run for it!” Trust exclaimed as he ran off and hid.

Karen and Eddy stayed where they were.

The thugs soon saw that they were carrying Lanterns.

“They’re Lightbearers!” one of them said to the other.

“Lightbearers are the worst ones of the believing bunch. They are the most devoted followers of the invisible God. Let’s take them to the boss!” the other replied.

Eddy sensed that these gentlemen were going to do more then beat them. “I think they are going to get us, dear sister,” he said to Karen.

“Let’s hold hands and pray, brother,” said Karen beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable.

They then closed their eyes and prayed, and as they prayed a bright light appeared around them. The thugs didn’t see the light but they had a feeling that they better not harm the teenage girl and the little man. They grabbed them and said:

“Now come with us and don’t try any funny business.”

Karen and Eddy were then being dragged toward the building’s entrance.

Trust watched from his hiding place. Seeing his new friends taken reminded him of when he got away when Sloppy Joe and his brothers were taken. He began to feel ashamed for leaving them and felt that he should join them no matter what the consequences would be.

“Wait!” he shouted as he stood out in the opening. “I’m with them!”

The thugs turned and recognized him. “That’s the one that got away! He’s acting like he wants us to get him. Must have lost his mind.” one of them said as he turned on his cell phone for help.

Another tough looking man came out of the building. When the two who held Karen and Eddy told him why they called him and when he saw who was waiting to get captured too, he was baffled. “Why would he want to get captured again after escaping from us before?” he asked his companions.

They told him they didn’t understand it either. So the third thug shrugged his shoulders and went to where Trust was waiting. He grabbed him and Trust complied. Then the thugs took the three Believers inside the building.

To Be Continued




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