“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Six

Concord tried to open his eyes but he had been punched so many times that his eyelids were swollen shut. He heard Honest mumble in pain. But he didn’t hear a word from Sloppy Joe.

“Sloppy, can you hear me?” he called out to him.

Sloppy Joe didn’t respond. He was still knocked out from all the beating he had gone through. With all of his might Concord forced his eyes to open so he could see what became of his old friend. A tear rolled down his cut cheek when he saw the motel owner. Both of his eyes were black and blue; his face was so bruised up that Concord couldn’t recognize him; blood seemed to be coming from his mouth; and there were red spots on his pants. His sloppy shirt and tie appeared as if the maddened throng had tried to rip them off of him.

Concord then glimpsed at his brother who was slowly coming around. He was bruised and bleeding too, but not as much as Sloppy Joe. He then looked at himself and noticed that his body wasn’t bruised or bleeding except for his swollen eyes. It seemed that poor Sloppy Joe got the brunt of it all. He wondered how people could be so heartless in their treatment of another human being.

“Concord? Where are you brother?” Honest called out.

“I’m here brother.”

“Where?” he asked.

“I’m in a chair that’s next to yours. And we are all tied up again.” he answered.

“I still can’t see you. Why is it so dark in here?” then the realization hit him. “Oh my goodness! I’m blind! I can’t see anything!”

Concord didn’t know what to say. He was just as shocked as his brother was.

“I’ll never see your face or anyone else’s face again! I’ll be all alone in the World!” Honest sobbed.

Concord wanted to reach out and hug him but his bonds wouldn’t let him. All he could do was try to comfort him with his words.

“Honest, even though you now can no longer see I will always love you as a brother. When this over and we are rescued and united with Trust, we will help you.”

Though Honest was badly shaken by his blindness he was comforted by those words from his big brother. Ever since the Good King changed Concord’s heart he had become more thoughtful and caring of others. He was no longer the gruff and mean man that he was in the past.

“Do you really think we’ll be rescued?” Honest asked him.

“If the Good King still loves us, and I know He does, I believe so.”


Karen, Eddy, and Trust had walked through town on their way to the old television station. They heard some people talk about the recent hacking on the news report. It was very disturbing and they hoped that the thugs who had captured and hurt the three men would be found and brought to justice.

The Believers carefully followed the directions that were given to them and soon found themselves in front of the old abandoned building.

To Be Continued.


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