“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Eight

Inside the abandoned building the three were being dragged down the hallway. Trust was a bit scared but the brightness from Karen and Eddy’s Lanterns calmed his nerves. When they reached the two doors the thugs opened them and the Believers saw lots of people with angry looks on their faces. Karen tried to smile at them but her smile was met with frowns.

They were brought before the man with the black bandanna who was sitting on a chair looking at a magazine. When he saw them and the Lanterns he gave them such a look that Karen wondered if he was possessed by the Master of Darkness. He got up from his chair and walked up to them. When he was faced to faced with them he was about to say something but all of a sudden he backed away as if he saw a ghost. The crowd saw what happened and their frowns became looks of surprise.

The black bandanna man stared at the Believers with fearful eyes. “What have we to do with your God? Please get out of here! The Most High inside of you is scaring us!”

The crowd and the thugs holding the Believers watched with gaped mouths. Why was their leader and boss saying such things? And why was he petrified with fear?

The black bandanna man spoke again. “Oh no! The Most High and His angels are here to stop us!” He then fell to his knees. “Your Majesty, don’t torment us before the time!”

“This is very creepy!” said Trust.

Eddy turned to Karen. “He’s possessed by demons. They can see the Good King in us and they can also see the angels that are with us.” he whispered.

Karen watched the black bandanna man. He was still on his knees and the demons in him were begging the Good King over and over again to not punish them before their time.

Just like the story from the Holy Word. Karen mused. Then she, Eddy, and Trust began to pray for him.

The black bandanna man growled because the demons didn’t want to let go of their prey.

The Believers kept on praying for him.

Everyone watched wondering what was going on and how it would end.

When the Believers finished praying they went over to the black bandanna man and touched his head. He gave a loud shriek then fell face down.

Everyone was breathless. Even the three tough looking thugs were breathless, and sweating.

Karen, Eddy, and Trust helped him to his feet. He opened his eyes and gazed wonderingly at them. “What happened? Who are you?” he asked.

“You were held captive by the Master of Darkness. The Good King has freed you through the power of prayer.” Karen said.

“You mean He’s real after all?” he asked in awe.

“Yes, and He has proved it through your deliverance.” said Eddy.

The black bandanna man then realized that he felt different. “I don’t feel angry toward Believers anymore,” he said surprised. “How did it all just disappear from me?”

“When the Good King chased the demons away, He also chased your anger and hatred away too. You have been saved by His grace.” said Karen.

His hard heart was moved by those words. His miracle had gotten rid of all the unbelief that he had laid in his heart over the years. He removed the black bandanna from his head and bowed in prayer. He thanked the Good King for saving him from the Master of Darkness and confessed that he now believed in Him as his Savior and Lord. After his prayer he looked up and faced all the people who had followed him as their leader in his conquest to get rid of all Believers.

“I believe in the Good King. Though He is indeed an invisible God, He is real and active in this World. If he can free me from my demonic oppression, He can do anything. All praises to His Name!”

The crowd was surprised at the sudden change of their leader. Was he joking? The truth came when he announced to them:

“I want to be a Believer of the Good King. Who will join me?”

One by one members of the crowd began to depart. They hissed and booed at him. When they left only a very few remained, including the three thugs. What the remaining few saw made them realize that the Good King was indeed real and not something that the Believers made up.

“Will you truly believe in the Good King too?” he asked them.

“YES!” they said in unison.

Then he and the people prayed.

To Be Continued





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