A Triple Bible Adventure!

Hello boys and girls!

Today we are going to have three Bible Adventures about the Good King. Are you ready?

Our first stop is seeing some mothers bringing their children to see the Good King. He is very busy with other people. Let’s see what He does:

The Good King always had time for everyone, even children.


Our next stop is Lake Gennesaret. There are some people that are fishing. Let’s see if they caught anything:

Wasn’t that wonderful what the Good King did for them? And He called them to be His disciples.


Our last stop is Jericho, where we will meet a little man named Zacchaeus. He’s a tax collector and many people don’t like him. Let’s see what happens to him:

The Good King cared about Zacchaeus and helped him to be a better person.

Prayer: Thank Jesus for all the wonderful things He did and that He still does wonderful things today.



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