“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Part Ten

A month later, Honest was able to get surgery done for his eyes. When the nurses led him to the room where the operation was going to take place, Honest felt scared because he thought it was going to be a painful procedure. When he was seated in a chair the nurses noticed that he was very scared.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Honest?” one of them inquired.

Honest tried to swallow the dryness in his throat. “Will this hurt much?” he asked them.

The nurses placed their hands on his shoulders to calm him. “Don’t worry, sir, the doctor will give you anesthetic before the operation. You will be asleep and not feel a thing.”

Honest smiled at the nurses. “That sure is a relief!” he said.

The doctor came in and Honest prepared himself for the surgery.


Karen, Eddy, Concord, and Trust were outside the hospital walking. Sloppy Joe was inside because he was still being treated for his bruises and wounds. He was almost completely better and would soon be able to leave the hospital.

“I didn’t think it was possible for a blind person to regain their sight,” Eddy said to Trust. “Do you think the surgery will be a success?”

“I don’t know. This is something new that I am afraid that something may go wrong. I don’t want Honest to be in worse shape than he is now. I know that the Good King is with him but I can’t help worrying.” Trust answered.

Concord was listening to the conversation and added, “I totally understand. I am worried about him too. He doesn’t deserve to go through anymore pain.”

Karen’s heart was with the poor blind brother. She had prayed for him that he would regain his sight. She had also kept Sloppy Joe and Concord in her prayers. She was very happy that Concord was better and that Sloppy Joe was improving. The Master of Darkness had truly showed his wickedness in what he did to them. Thanks be to His Majesty that the being didn’t succeed in killing them!

“Maybe we should go back in and see how he is doing,” Eddy suggested.

“It’s too early,” said Concord,” I’m sure they are still operating on him. We probably won’t be able to see him until tonight when the surgery is over.”

Eddy then had another idea. “Maybe we should ask our new friends to join us in praying for him. I’m sure the leader and his people will want to help through the power of prayer.”

“That is definitely Holy Spirit inspired, Ed!” said Karen.

“Thank you,” said Eddy happy that the Holy Spirit gave him the idea.

Concord and Trust thought it was a great idea too.

“Let’s go into our car and drive up to where they are meeting.” said Trust.


Since the crowd had become Believers they had decided to use the abandoned television station to meet and grow in their new faith. Their gatherings had brought them joy because they were seeing more through prayer and Holy Word reading on how much the Good King loved them. They were getting ready to hear their leader read a story about one of the Ancient Believers when they heard a car pull up. Someone from the gathering peeked out of the window and when he saw who it was he turned to the leader and said:

“It’s Karen, Eddy, and the two brothers!”

The leader smiled. “Let them in,” he said.

When they came in they told the leader that Honest was having his eyes done and felt that they should ask if he and the crowd would join them in praying for him. The leader agreed to and told the crowd that they needed to uplift Honest to the Good King in prayer. Everyone then held each other’s hands and started to pray. As Karen, Eddy, Concord, and Trust heard the requests being made they were very confident that Honest would receive the help he needed.


Sloppy Joe got out of bed and went into the bathroom to change out of the hospital gown. The doctor told him that he could leave and he was looking forward to going back to his motel. He looked at his face in the mirror and noticed hairs growing on his chin. He put his hand on his chin and chuckled, “The first thing I must do is get a shave.” He then inspected his sloppy clothes and straightened his tie. There! That’s more like it! He opened the door and made his way out of the patient room into the hallway. When he got to the receptionist’s desk he signed his name on the discharge documents. When the receptionist placed the documents in the files he told her that he had a friend who was having surgery done for his eyes and wondered how he could know how he was doing. She told him that the operation should be done at nightfall. He could come back then and ask the doctor how he was doing. She then gave him the doctor’s name and where to find him in the hospital. Sloppy Joe thanked her and went outside to see if his other friends were there. When he didn’t see them he went back inside and sat in the waiting room.

They’ll be back and I will wait for them. They wouldn’t leave until Honest is done. he thought to himself as he relaxed in the plush seat. He then thought about his motel. It was going to be a major mess since it was ransacked by the crowd when they captured him. He would have to do a lot of cleaning up when he came back to it. No matter. He enjoyed cleaning and maybe the brothers could help him. He entertained his mind with ideas on how to make the motel better than it was before. As the options flowed through his head he smiled. Maybe what happened to the motel could be a blessing in disguise.


Back in the abandoned television station, everyone was still praying for Honest. During the second hour Karen whispered to Eddy, “Shouldn’t we return to the hospital and see how Sloppy Joe is doing?”

Eddy wanted to stay and continue praying with the brothers and people. He felt so close to the Good King that he didn’t want to leave. But he knew that it was time for them to go. Sloppy Joe was probably waiting for them, and it would be rude to make him wait any longer.

“Yes, let’s go, sister!” he said softly.

Karen scribbled a note and placed it next to Concord who was praying with Trust. Then she and Eddy quietly left the prayer meeting.


Sloppy Joe went back outside. His friends still were not there. He decided to walk for a bit. Being in that hospital bed for so long made him want to move his legs. While he walked through the grass he asked the Good King silently to be with his friends and with poor Honest. He also thanked the Good King for saving them through His two faithful servants. “I’m glad that I’m still alive,” he said as he stopped to look at a blue jay that flew up above. “I can still tell others about the Good King and His heavenly Kingdom.”

The severe trial that he went through didn’t discourage him at all in sharing the Truth with the Lost. He knew that the Master of Darkness had tried to destroy him and Concord and Honest, and that the evil being would not stop in his persecutions of them as long as they continually followed the Good King’s will. Sloppy Joe was not afraid of another severe trial. He loved the Good King very much and was willing to risk everything for Him.

“Sloppy Joseph,” said a musical voice behind him.

He turned around and saw what appeared to be a man dressed in white. “Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?” he asked respectfully.

“I am a servant of the Good King like you are. I have come from Heaven to give you something that you will need in your opportunities to reach out to others with the Truth. Here, this is for you.” The angel then gave him a Lantern.

Sloppy Joe touched the shining gift. He understood that he was now a Lightbearer like Karen and Eddy. What an honor for an ordinary motel owner to have!

“Thank you very much,” he said to the angel. “I will bravely share the Light of Truth with whoever I meet, and I will take it wherever I go.”

“May the Good King be with you and give you strength as you show others the way out of the darkness of this World,” said the angel as he began to disappear. When he was gone Sloppy Joe praised the Good King for making him a Lightbearer in His Name.

To Be Continued.











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