“Karen The Lightbearer: The Rescue” Epilogue

In the waiting room Karen, Eddy, Sloppy Joe, and the two brothers watched the clock. It was 8:00 PM and the doctor didn’t come out yet. Then another hour passed and still the doors to the surgery room didn’t open.

“I hope nothing went wrong,” said Trust feeling a bit apprehensive. “If anything worse happens to Honest I…I don’t know what I’d do.”

“We have prayed for him,” said Karen, “Now we must let His Majesty decide what is best.”

“I just can’t bear the thought of Honest being blind the rest of his life. That would be extremely heart breaking for him and for us.” Trust added.

“Yes it would be.” Karen agreed. “But we must trust Him. If Honest does remain blind the rest of his life, the Good King can use it for His honor and glory. Do you know what the Ancient Believer Paul said? He said that he would rather boast in his infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon him (see 2 Corinthians 12:9). Paul had a physical weakness and he believed that the Good King could use him in spite of it. And boy did He!”

Trust was still disturbed. “I hope it’s the Good King’s will for him to see again. If he remains blind he will feel terrible. I don’t want him to go through anymore pain.”

The doors opened and the doctor came out.

Trust got up from his seat. “Doctor, is he going to be all right?” he asked anxiously.

Everyone else got up and waited for his answer.

The doctor looked at them and smiled. “He’s going to be fine. His eye sight is perfectly restored. Usually it takes a while after the operation for the patient to focus but right after we were done he woke up and announced that he was able to see again. I believe that a miracle has taken place.”

Tears of joy flowed from Trust’s eyes. He then bowed his head and clasped his hands. “Thank you, Your Majesty,” he prayed.

Concord was very happy too. “The Good King has healed our brother!”

Trust then turned to him and embraced him. “Indeed He has.”

The doctor didn’t know who this Good King was but he was glad that the brothers were happy. “The patient is resting now. Tomorrow morning you should be able to see him.”

“Thank you, doctor,” said Concord.

Karen, Eddy, and Sloppy Joe smiled. This was a very joyful night!


The next day everyone went to see Honest. He gazed at his friends with tears flowing like flooded streams. “I’ve got my sight back. I’m so happy. Thank you, Trust, for encouraging me to go through with this. I thank the Good King for guiding the doctor and the hospital staff during the surgery.”

The youngest brother smiled.

Karen spoke up. “You were in many prayers, Honest. We prayed for you and so did the new Believers at the abandoned television station.”

Honest was so touched by the fact that so many people cared about him that he cried some more. Then he asked everyone around his bed to hug him. They all embraced him and Honest thought he was going to suffocate from all the love that was being shown to him. But he didn’t care.


In the late afternoon Honest was able to go home with his brothers. On the way they stopped at the old television station and Honest thanked everyone there for praying for him and for paying for the surgery.  The leader and the people were joyful that they were able to help out.

“Praise His Majesty! C’mon let’s sing to Him!” exclaimed the leader. Then he and the people lifted up their voices and sang a song to the Good King. The brothers joined them.


“Do you have to go again?” Sloppy Joe asked Karen and Eddy. “You two haven’t been here long and I was hoping we could do some talking.”

Karen and Eddy didn’t want to say goodbye to their old friend again, but they knew that they had to go.

“The Good King told us through His Spirit that we must leave so that we can get to our next destination on time.” Karen said.

“On time? What do you mean?” Sloppy Joe asked.

Eddy spoke up. “It is time for us to free the people of Small Faith, my people,from the Natives of Doubt. We must get to them before something worse happens to them.”

Sloppy Joe didn’t like the idea of his friends fighting against such a vicious tribe. “I have heard a lot about The Natives of Doubt. They are very brutish and will not hesitate to kill whoever they can.”

“Boy do I know!” said Eddy. “When they invaded my home I nearly escaped with my life. They chased me and threw weapons at me.”

“And you want to confront them?” Sloppy Joe asked giving him a confused look.

“Not really,” Eddy admitted, but then said, “The Good King has strengthened my faith that I am ready to face the challenge that will come my way. I will see my people again and the Good King will use us to free them from the Natives of Doubt. The Good King has shown us through our adventures that He can bring good out of anything. He will do the same here.”

“In every situation we had found ourselves in, the promise of Romans 8:28 has always been our theme. We trust His will in this.” Karen said.

“But I need you two to show me how to be a faithful Lightbearer.” Sloppy Joe said, hoping that he could convince them to stay for just a little bit.

Karen smiled gently. She knew that he was still worried about them going to their next mission. “You don’t need us to show you how to be faithful in the call that was given to you. The Holy Spirit will be your teacher. Be opened to Him and let Him lead you in the adventures that will open up. Remember that no matter what anyone else says, the Light of Truth will always be true.”

Sloppy Joe nodded. It still pained him to say goodbye but he was willing to take the first step in his calling as a Lightbearer. “I will be obedient to the Good King’s dear cause.” he vowed.

“Good for you!” said Karen. Then she and Eddy hugged Sloppy Joe and said goodbye to him.

Sloppy Joe watched them go and said to himself, “I hate goodbyes. I hate it when we always have to say goodbye. I’m looking forward to that day when I and my friends will be together forever.” he then walked away and went back to his motel.


The three brothers and the leader along with the crowd helped Sloppy Joe repair the motel. They fixed the door and put things back in their proper places. It was a big mess but they managed to get it all cleaned up in one day.

Sloppy Joe slumped in his chair. He was exhausted. Concord, Honest, and Trust sat next to him. When the crowd left, their leader stayed behind to talk to the motel owner.

“Sloppy,” he began, “since we have given our hearts to the Good King we have desired greatly to know more about Him. We have begun to read His Word but we don’t understand the prophecies. We can see that time is growing short and we want to know what we should do during these last days. Can you please teach us the prophecies like you did with those that attended your meetings?”

Sloppy Joe was thrilled. “I will gladly show you what the prophecies mean. But it won’t be me showing you, it will be the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow night I’m going to continue the meetings. Please come and when it is over I will give you study guides for the ones you and your people have missed.”

“Thank you, but are you sure you have enough room here for us and others who are coming?” the leader asked him when he saw that the motel would probably be too small for all of them.

When Sloppy Joe considered how big the gathering would be, he realized that he would need something bigger to conduct the meetings. He then remembered something:

“How about that television station? I think that would work great.”

The leader loved the idea. “Yes! They’ll be plenty room for everyone who wants to come! We’ll get it cleaned up early tomorrow morning so that it will look neat and welcoming.”

When the leader left, Concord  turned to Sloppy Joe. “This has been quite an adventure for us. You, me, and Honest were captured, then Karen and Eddy saved us, then the leader and the crowd changed their ways, then Honest’s eyes got restored, and now you are a Lightbearer. The Good King’s hand has been with us from the beginning to the end. I wonder what other wonders He will perform?”

Sloppy Joe laughed. “Perhaps more than we can count.”



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