Bible Adventures: “Waiting Patiently?”

Do you have a hard time waiting for something? Do you count the days on the calendar  for Christmas or your birthday? Noah and his family had to be patient when they were waiting for the rain to come and during the flood. Let’s see how long they had to be patient.

Can you imagine being stuck with all those animals inside the ark for so long? It must have been really stinky and stuffy inside! Trusting in God helped them to go through that hard time. They knew that He was with them and that eventually they would see dry land again. We have to be patient too and trust that what God says will happen. And the most important thing we have to wait on is the Second Coming of the Good King. He said that He would come again and even though it’s been a very long time, He will keep His promise. And if you have accepted Him as Your King and Best Friend you will go to live with Him when He returns.

Prayer: Thank Jesus that He is coming again and will take you home with Him. Ask Him to help you to patiently wait in your life.


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