“The Lighted Way”, Uncle Arthur Stories

Fred had been sent on an errand to his uncle’s farm. He thought he knew the way well, as it had been described in detail to him by his parents; but as the shades of evening gathered, he began to get a little anxious.

“I should have been there long ago,” he said to himself. “I must have taken the wrong road somewhere. I wish someone would come along whom I could ask.”

But nobody came, and when darkness fell half an hour later, Fred was standing in the midst of some woods without the faintest idea which way to go.

“Well, I am in a fix,” he said to himself. “What shall I do? In this utter darkness I could not find my way back home now, let alone go on to my uncle’s farm.”

For some minutes he stood still, thinking, and a bit afraid.

“There’s one thing I could do,” he said to himself by and by, “but I wonder if it will make any difference.”

A moment or two later he shut his eyes, put his hands together, and asked Jesus to show him the way out of the woods to his uncle’s farm.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was what seemed to be a path of light through the trees.

“Strange,” he thought, “I never saw that before. What does it mean? Anyhow, I’ll follow it. I might as well go this way as any other.”

So he went, following the glow of light until at last he was out of the woods. When it ceased, he saw another light in the distance and walked toward it. When he found it came from a farmhouse, he quickened his steps, for he saw it was his uncle’s farm.

How happy he was to get there without any mishap, all safe and sound!

“But the path of light in the woods,” he said to his uncle, as they talked over his experience that evening, “how did it come to be there?”

“Glowworms,” said his uncle smiling.

And so it was. But God can use even glowworms to answer a little boy’s prayer.


Look how bright the glow worm is! Imagine how bright it must have been for Fred when more than one showed him the way in the dark.


Picture is from Google Images.


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