“The Monkey Deal”

Here’s a funny story for both children and adults about a monkey that drove a poor woman “bananas.” This humorous tale is from “Eye Openers: Junior Devotional”, by Jim Feldbush, Nancy Beck Irland, and Carolyn Rathbun-Sutton, pg. 13

“Oh, what a sweet little thing!” I exclaimed.

“Nice monkey,” said the smiling Zairian man at the back door. “I’ll sell him to you–cheap.”

Why does he want to make me such a great deal? I wondered. I started to say no, but hesitated.

“OK, you take him–free! Bye!” And he was gone, and the monkey was now in my arms.

Wow! I owned an exotic pet–free. Too good to be true!

I’ll cuddle the monkey for a couple days, I thought, and then humanely release him back into the jungle. His tiny hands grasped my wrists, and his little head pushed against my stomach, and–

Uh-oh! Its owner hadn’t told me the little creature wasn’t house-trained! I tried to set the monkey down so I could clean things up, but he clasped my ankle like a wraparound magnet.

Ouch! The previous owner hadn’t told me the monkey was a biter, either! I limped into the kitchen for a cleanup rag.

Sighting Missy, our kitten, the monkey screamed, unsuctioned himself from my ankle, and pounced. Then, quick as lightening, the monkey flew onto the counter, slurped up a bowl of pablum I was cooling for the baby, and dived through the pantry door. There he planted himself on a stalk of bananas. Between bites he continued screeching while I ducked the banana peels he slung through the doorway.

Yep! My slight hesitation to say no to the monkey’s owner had left me with a big problem on my hands. The man at the back door had lied to me. For sure, this was no “nice monkey.”

Satan is constantly knocking at our back doors with “cuddly” temptations. But staying close to our truthful Saviour will give us the wisdom to know a lie when we hear it, see it, or feel it–and to stay away from the devil’s “monkey” deals that are always too good to be true.



Picture is from Google Images.


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